Friday, January 7, 2011

A letter from to my mom...

Goodmorning or afternoon mom!!

I hope your feeling more rested and could sleep. How are the kids today? I miss them all sooo much.

I feel like God is really teaching me to love on this trip. Like I know how to love but not like God does. I really want to make a difference in the way I love and I want to give and give until I have nothing to give and then still find a way to be generous.

I am going to tell you about the babies I am in love with from Sanyu...

Like tonight I met this little girl named Rebecca.
She was sitting in the baby home all alone. She is probably 2years old.She is new. And so sad she was sitting all alone on the bench with her hands clasped in her lap. She was so sad..So I tried to hold her hand and still she was to sad to hold my hand. So I picked her up and held her she couldn't even look at me in my eyes. She is so unloved. You can tell thats how she has always been. And I started to think how I want to be that girl who makes an impact in her life for even just a day of love she will have felt special she will have felt loved. And cared about. She will have felt wanted and loved for the day. I want to bring her home and make her smile.

Do you remember little Faith I talked about from Sanyu? I had a picture of her and Josh and I holding her last summer and she was so sad like Rebecca. Now she has gained weight you can hardly tell it is her. And she brings such joy to the baby home!

Also there is Edith..Mom she looks like Beth. She looks just like Beth as a baby. Exactly the same.She has a belly like Beth and she is soooo short. She runs around laughing and smiling I want to bring her home too. I can just imagine her and Beth playing together.

Then there is Esther. (I know you want that name for a little girl and she melts my heart but so do the other girls)
She is special needs she was malnourised and needs a family badly. She is 3 now. And big and has gained weight. Due to her malnourishment she is just now learning to walk. She is like a new baby learning to walk. Except she is big. She was beaten before sanyu and so she flinches when someone touches her. She is happy. And desperatly needs a loving family.Seriously I want to bring her home too.

Then there is my Watson.
He is darling and he has an eye problem. He has a problem with his nose everytime he eats it comes out his nose. Its so strange. I am in love with him. He sat on my lap and wrapped his arms around me. His little arms could only barley touch my back but he wouldn't let go.
So I think I will bring him home too.

I am in love with these kids
My heart is braking on how they dont have familys.
I want to love Rebecca. So that she may feel love even for just one day. I am going to try to show as much love as I can give.. Can you imagine that to love
one even for just one day. And see the difference it will make...

Yes my Ugandan missionary american friend Elijah has been with us every work day. He comes to the land with us. He is doing a great Job helping out and painting a ton.Today his parents came to see what we are doing there. They are the Ugandan side- directors for an orphanage with 94 kids! We hope to go visit.

Well its time for bed!
I love you mom!


Andrea said...

What a beautiful post! Sweet beautiful children! :) Your luggage will be very full with children. Praying for you!

sara said...

Praying for you and the rest of the team!! May God continue to use you to truly love others. Our boy is at LH so if you make it there....give lots of loves:) I am friends with Alison on your trip....she will tell you which one he is:)

Janet and Kevin said...

Oh Emma, your heart is so beautiful for Christ. He has filled you with much love to be able to give to others. May God bless you on this mission trip.

Hugs from Indiana,
janet, kevin, ted, philip, and elijah

Julie Hoagland said...

Hi Emma,

I am visiting from your mom's blog. the child you spoke about who's food comes out his nose. Does he have a cleft palate or a hole in the roof of his mouth. My Isaiah had a large hole...called a fistula....his was a Nasalpharyngeal fistual, which goes through the nose. Food or liquids will regurgitate through the nose with kids with these fistulas or cleft palates. Some kids have submucous cleft palates, which can go undetected. There can be a thin layer or covering of tissue covering up the cleft. Anyway, just a thought.

God bless you and keep you. You are an amazing girl doing an amazing thing!

Freedom Hollow Farmgirl said...

What a beautiful heart you have. YOu are loving like Jesus.

BEAUTIFUL ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL. Keep up the good work, keep on loving those little peeps.


Christy said...

This post is beautiful, it breaks my heart. Thank you for sharing. Prayers for all of you!

Joy ~ Doodlebug ~ said...

Ooooh, Emma you're soooo lucky. I wish I could hop on a plane with my family and head over to China to work in an orphanage right about now.

Keep us posted on Rebecca. :)

Joy :)

Just Me - The Champion said...

EMMA! Your love and deep insight into each one of these babies is so amazing and sweet. You are EXACTLY where God has created you to be. What joy you must have in your heart. But I can imagine...all the while it breaks for each one of those sweet babies to find forever families. Praying. Praying that each one of them finds a loving family to call their Mama and Daddy. lv, jen

Scrappy quilter said...

This totally breaks my heart.

Miss. Jinny said...

Emmie what a sweet post you make me want to fly over there right now and bring them home too! :) Your love and tender care for each of these babies is so amazing to see. You are totally where God wants you to be!! I will be praying for you and the team as you are over there!! I will also be praying that God will bring forever families to these sweet babies! Love you!!

Jim and April said...

my heart is broken. I want to be there and hold each of these children and I want to bring them all home with me. im sure its so hard to leave them there.

Anna said...

I just got back from serving in Uganda, and my heart is in love with Esther, edith, Gideon, and Watson too. Especially Watson!

How awesome that you were just there!! you must have been there just a week or so before we were.

Love reading your blog!