Friday, December 23, 2011

Hit the Ground Running

Good morning my bloggy friends,

Its been awhile since I've posted and for that I'm truly sorry!

These past few weeks and months have been crazy. 

{You might want to grab some coffee cause this is one long post}

My mom and I and Ruby Grace landed in the states and hit the ground running. 


We have been busy busy.

As soon as we landed Ruby was rushed to the hospital where she received 3 surgeries in a matter of 3 weeks!! 

She's our little fighter, that girl!

Ruby Grace has to be constantly monitored and near a children's hospital in a matter of minutes.

With that said,
we have also been in a transition time.

We have dropped our nets and moved to beautiful sunny Arizona.

{Destini, my best friend, and me saying goodbye}

My Dad and I and Graham drove home to Colorado to pack the house and move.

We packed the whole house and cleaned most of it in less than 5 days  
and were on our way with the moving trucks!!

Moving has never been easy and leaving your friends behind well it's just tough!

{our tree we carved our names in when we were little}

But if God has called my family to move, how can I not go?!

But God's called me to Arizona for a time and for that I'm excited. 

He has great plans for my life. 

I  am preparing to move to Africa in just less then a year,

I never thought that I would move again {until Africa that is}.

In my head I pictured just packing my bags and saying goodbye to my loved ones and friends in Colorado. 

I never thought Arizona was where He'd call me before.

But when He did, I knew this was where He wanted me for the time being.

Arizona has so many opportunities for me, so many things I can use to prepare myself for Uganda.

For that I am beyond excited.

Uganda in less then year I'll call it home.

But for now I'll live each day to its fullest I want to make each day here count.

Not just sit around waiting for next year.

He's called me here for the time being and for that I can't wait to see what HE has planned for me!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

God's Healing... My sister Ruby

As many of you know I came with my mom to Uganda to bring home my little, little baby sister Ruby.

She is precious and is beyond words adorable.

I met her way back in June on a missions trip that I was co-leading,
with my Dad.

I instantly fell in love with her. So drawn to the sweet teeny-tiny frail baby girl.

I asked my bloggy friends to join me in praying and many of you joined in.

She was so sick and weak that we weren't sure she was going to make it through the night.

We prayed and as others around the world began to pray

God heard our prayers and began healing her.  

Little by little she is growing.

She is becoming stronger everyday.

She still has a long road of hospitals, surgeries and medicine in her future.

But God has good plans for my sweet little sister Ruby.

I'm so in love with her.

She smiles and cues and it's so adorable.

Every time I hold her she reaches her little hand to my hair and rubs it.

How God is healing her is amazing to watch.

Please continue to pray for her healing as we head towards home. 

For peace as we fly and that the doctors in the USA would have wisdom.

For now I will leave you with a picture of my sister Ruby and Me.  :)

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Digging through trash for dinner.

Oh how my heart breaks today.

We had to walk to the lawyers office today in downtown Kampala. 

A good fast walk that takes an hour and thirty minutes if walking briskly. 

Downtown is very crowded and you pass many many people.

Downtown is where one million  and a half people go a day.

It's busy.

It's crazy.

It's where the vendors go to make a living so they can feed there families.

Its where the business men go to work.

It's where the boda drivers {motorcycles}  and taxis
constantly are driving passed and stopping and picking up new people.

It's where the street children bag for food or money.

It's where the Street boys live.

It's where the street mama's live with there little babies.

To some it is home.

For others they are nearly in the city trying to survive the day.

As you walk through Kampala, you pass the man who is crippled and been denied by society.

The Woman who has been rejected because she has AIDS.

The child who has been abused by his stepmother and so he ran away from home.

Then as I headed home I saw something that breaks every part of my heart.

There stood two little girls who couldn't be more then 10 and 11 yrs old.

As I turned I saw. 

They were digging through the trash for food.

They were Karamojong children.

Meaning the reason they have fled to the city is because they are from a tribe that is very war torn.

They are the tribe I have felt God has called me to work with.

I carry food in my purse for times when I see street children.

You should have seen there smiles when I handed them some food.

I feel guilty sometimes to think that I have food all the time and there are millions of people who don't get to eat today. 

Have you ever thought of praying for these people? 

Like the little girls for example.

Or maybe God is just waiting for you to ask him what you can do about it?

We may not all feel called to work with the Karmojong people, or to work in Africa.

But  God calls us all to do something..

Maybe you could sponsor a child?


Maybe you could help by making food bags for the people in Uganda?

Or even the homeless in your area?

Or simply start by asking God what he'd have you do.

All  I know is I never want to to forget those girls faces.

Digging through the trash for dinner.

I want to forever remember.

Never forget.

"Dear God,

Show me how to help, what to do, where to begin."

It we all did something there would be a lot less going hungry tonight.

My heart continues to break.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I'm your favorite Ruby. REALLY!

Finally I know you all must be wondering where I have been! 

Its been a long but good passed 8 days!

It has taken me so long to finally be able to type. 

My mom and I left last week in a rush to bring Ruby
 {my sweet baby sister home}

I have been writing on my ipod while we have been here but the internet has been 
funky and there fore not able to post.


crazy Internet.

I am so happy to finally be back and still in shock that its my 8th trip to my beloved Uganda.

And I still can't believe it is my fourth trip this year!

I am simply head over heels with my baby sister. 

She is precious.

I'm so so so in  love with her.

When mom finally lets me hold her I whisper in her ear over and over again.

I whisper secrets like 


I think by the time we get home she will believe it :)

If she doesn't believe it at least I tried right? haha.

Friday, September 16, 2011

New blog design!!

I am so excited to introduce you all to my new blog design! 

All complements go to Alexis at 

Thank you Alexis you did a wonderful job!! 

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wordless Wednesday!

...Thirsty  for love...

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Overwhelmed by pictures

After coming home this trip I felt overwhelmed by all I saw and felt while I was in Africa.

So much pain, so much sorrow, but so much joy that these precious people have! 

They live through so much more then we Americans can ever imagine.

When you're there you realize all that what we see in pictures is real.

It's just a picture until you see it, smell it, feel it.

You can't see the pain in the people's eyes until you're face to face.

You see, in America you can walk away from the picture and chose to ignore what you saw in a moment.

You can forget about what you saw in the face of that little orphan.

Once your there you can never forget each face. 

I can't forget those treasures that are waiting for families. 

I can't forget the faces you see in photographs.

I have to remember them.

I don't ever want to become so used to seeing the pictures so used to passing the little orphan begging on the street.

{ My Monica pictured above orphan in Ghana West Africa} 

I want to always remember.

I want to never become so used to seeing it I forget to remember it's REAL.

Never to forget, never to become so used to the pain.

"Dear God, Keep breaking my heart for what breaks yours! "

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Pray 4 Karl

{I took this picture of them at the church picnic on July 3rd}

I have been taking a short brake from blogging with going to and from the hospital to be with my older sister Autumn who is just 3 1/2 years older then me.

For any of you who don't know, my sister's boyfriend: Karl was in a
 terrible motorcycle accident last sunday...

He was on the way to pick up my sister for church.

He was airlifted to the hospital.

The hospital is about an hour and a half away.

When I am not at the hospital

I am home playing and watching my sibs!

 {my brother}
 and I  have been switching back and fourth so we can both be with Autumn! 

Karl is in a coma and has suffered a major brain trauma. 

{He had brain surgery last week.}

Will you please join me in praying for Karl's complete healing?

That he would wake up voluntarily.

For comfort for my sister and his family?


Join me in 


Friday, July 15, 2011


Since being home I have been busy busy.

But finally I have time to sit and tell you all the stories from my heart. 

I uploaded to my computer over 2000+ pictures! 

Let me tell you thats a lot of pictures:)

I am just itching to write and write.

And share with you all my journal entries.

And the stories from the special kiddo's I met.


I can't wait to share with you all the moments and experiences of my 7th trip to Uganda and my Trip to Ghana.

I just had to show you all a picture from my trip:)

Just in case you were wondering the stories are brewing!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Little Watson Cries..


At the baby home before every trip

 I have to prepare myself for not seeing some of my sweet babies.

Some of My babies are either adopted, 
reunited or fostered. 
Some are moved onto orphanages where they will remain until they turn eighteen.

Some of the changes are good but some just hurt on the inside.

This trip I had to prepare myself

for the fact that I won't be seeing my Edith.

I wouldn't be seeing Francis.

I wouldn't be seeing Gideon or Gilbert the 4 year old twin boys!

I wouldn't be seeing crazy little man Anthony.

I wouldn't be seeing shy little Barbara.

I wouldn't be seeing sweet little Stuart.

It's hard every trip I have to prepare myself.

Every trip when I say goodbye and hug them one more time.

I have no idea if I will ever see them again.

I have no idea if it will be the last time I hold them in my arms.

The time I held Edith in my arms and whispered I love you in Luganda
 "Un kwagala nyo"
 she whisperd back to me
"Un kwagala nyo"

It was the last time I ever got to tell her I love her.

The time I put her in bed was the last time I got to tuck her in bed.

Its always a different feeling to know they won't be there screaming
When I walk through the door.

It hurts and it hurts.
Saying goodbye is so painful.

This trip I had more goodbyes to say more love to give more hugs to treasure and store in my memory.
I had to hug one of my precious little man Watson goodbye.

There is talk he is leaving soon 
He has always been my baby

I met him when he was in the new babies room.

Now he is almost three years old!
He is a special needs little man but it never stops him.
He is the smartest little guy you'll ever meet!

He always has been my baby

He latched onto me this trip and wouldn't leave my side.
Everyday he would run to me and lift his arms up.
He is getting to be quite the talker so he'd point and say something like
"down there" as he pointed to the playground.

Really he's a smart boy!

He's always been the baby I look for when we arrive.

This time as I hugged him in my arms and told him I love him.

I  couldn't stop thinking this is most likely the last time I will get to hold him.

The last time I will whisper to him that 
"Jesus Loves him"
The last time I will whisper to him "I love you".

As I held him and went to put him down he burst out crying.
He knew I was leaving.
As the tears streamed down my face
I turned back for one last glimpse as he tried to catch me and the mama pulled him back.

His cries echoed as I walked away.

Oh Watson I wish I could bring you home with me,
 I love you little man!

I will never forget you for you have a place in my heart thats reserved only for you.

Please join me in praying for 
for healing for his special needs and a family! 

God has big plans for my little Watson!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Arrived in the USA

We have officially arrived in the USA!

Boy does it feel so so so so so so so so good!

We have had a 7 hour layover here in Chicago!
It's been well, really long! 

I was so happy to be able to eat American food!
I don't know if it's ever tasted so good!

My Dad has been sleeping on the airport floor 
so I thought I would try to write a quick post to update you all!

My Dad and I are just both ready to be home.
We miss the family so much!

The whole family and my friend Savannah are coming to pick us up from the airport in ABQ!

I can't wait to hug my Mom and brothers and sisters! 

I have missed them all so much!

We fly out in the next 3 hours and head to ABQ.

We will be staying the night there and then driving home the next morning!

Please continue to pray for our last flight!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Leaving ghana

Ghana has been wonderful and I have lots of stories to tell you all!
Dad has been sick,he's really dizzy and has dearea! Please pray for healing as we have a long trip ahead! Please also pray for our flights! Pray for protection and safety! I will try to post later on!! Thank you in advance for all your prayers!!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

A Letter From Emma Joy

  • (mommy can you post this whole letter on my blog)
    "Yes, Miss Emmy Joy, I'm happy to."  

    Hey Everybody,

    I really miss you all. Only a few more days and I will be home!!

    Ghana is beautiful and I really love it.

    I wake up to the ocean every morning. At night I fall asleep listening to the waves roll in. It's seriously like amaze's me when I look out the winow and see the ocean is still there.
    It's really incredible who would think you can live this close to the ocean!

    I am about to head off to inner Ghana towards Togo for the pastor's confrence starts tomorrow.

    I am excited to drive and see what it looks like:)

    Yesterday we visited two orphanage's and I loved the children.
    One of the girls wouldn't let me go she is precious.

    Today we had church on the porch it was so wonderful!
    There was about 30+ people mostly children.
    One of the little boys fell asleep on the cement floor.
    I scooped him up and he snuggled in my arms and he slept and slept! His name was "fletch". he' sooo cute:)

    Anyways I need to go before I lose internet!

    I love you all so much!! And I will try to write later or tomorrow:)
    I Miss you,

Friday, June 17, 2011

Off to Ghana!

I just wanted to post real quick and to tell you all I have arrived back in Belgium.
After looking around Brussels for 7+ hours
  I am now boarding the plane for Ghana! 
I am so excited.
Please be praying for our flights and I will try to post when I get to Ghana!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The little boy in the striped shirt part three! SAFE!

This passed week we went to the slums,
but before we got there Courtney 
{one of the girls on the team} 
was feeling really sick.

 so as soon as we got to the slums
we switched van's and I went with her back to the guest house.

I was really sad as I left because I realized I wasn't going to get to see

"The Little Boy in the Striped shirt" 

I wasn't going to get to see his little brother either.

I was so sad. 

But I thought maybe somebody on the team will see him and take some pictures.

Well then Sunday came around and nobody had mentioned seeing him and his brother.

 I was so sad.

But then I looked over as I was coming out of church in Ssenge village 
and there was John {kisam's little brother} 
all dressed up and at church.

And then I found out that he has joined African Hearts Boy's home in Ssenge!
I was so excited and I couldn't believe it!!
I was so Happy!

Some of you may know "John" as the little boy who was trampled 
when we were getting ready for the wedding off of my mom's blog.

Then I asked about Kisam and found out that his guardian wouldn't release him
so that he could move to the boys home.

I was so heartbroken.

The little boy in the striped shirt was alone in the slums.

Then Friday came around as I walked up to greet the boys and Moreen.

I looked over and there was Kisam! 
He was safe!
At last finally he was being cared for and loved.

I am so excited to show you the little boys in the slums -
that are now safe at
African Hearts Boys Home!

Yippee Jesus!
That's God for you!
Thank you for all of your prayers!

 and now you can all see that -


Saturday, June 11, 2011


Yesterday it rained and rained and rained!!
I don't think that I have ever seen so much rain!

I thought that because of the rain the kids would not come for VBS.
But Man was I wrong!

When we arrived to start VBS,
we had about 100 kids waiting anxiously.

We started with singing some songs!

We sang "This little light of mine"
"father Abraham"
and many many more.
As we sang more childran from the village kept arriving.
They were from all over, some having walked for miles.

They came dripping wet in their best clothes.
Oh how excited their little faces were.

I shared a story from the Bible
{with the translator's help}
When we asked who wanted to ask Jesus into their heart,
I have never seen so many children's hands shoot up.

I asked one of the girls on the team  to count and she lost count in the 70+ hands raised.

These children wanted Jesus so badly.
Their  hands went flying up all around the room.

I'm pretty sure Heaven is still having a party!

Friday, June 10, 2011

VBS begins!

Today the third annual VBS in Ssenge Village began.

It was so exciting as we pulled up after lunch to begin the program,
 the children were standing outside waiting for us. 

They were singing songs and dancing.

It was such a welcoming site.
I couldn't help but smile.

We had 250+ children show up.

They were waiting anxiously and excited.

We held it at the new African Hearts school.

Really it was so exciting.

Back in July 2008 I would never have dreamed in my wildest dreams that God would use me to lead a VBS program for 250+ children in a little African Village.

It really is such a dream come true.

The children come from all over the surrounding villages.

Tomorrow we are expecting more children because today many were in school.

Please be praying for the kids to open their hearts to hear the gosple
Pray that they would be touched.

Pray that God would use us and that he would continue to brake the teams hearts for what brakes his.
Please also continue to pray for Daniella!

{hopefully tomorrow my pictures will finally work}

xoxo -Emma

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Baby Daniella

I want to tell you all a story of one of the babies at the baby home that I met she is the sweetest little treasure and by little I mean LITTLE! 

She is tiny and beautiful.

I hadn't noticed her laying in her crib when I arrived until I saw that there was a baby inside the corner crib.

She was sleeping and so I just didn't realize she was there until Alei
 {one of the girls on the team} 
pointed her out to me.  There she was all skin and bones.

She is 10 months old. 

Almost the same age as my nephew.

She weights six pounds hardly a thing for being ten months old.

She has water on the brain due to being starved as a new baby.

She is malnourished. And so skinny.

When I hold her in my arms I feel like I am holding a stick.

Her whole body is so small. 

She is long but there is so many bones.

When I hold her in my arms I feel that she will brake in pieces.

She is so sick and weak her body can not handle the food she spits up and spits up everything and anything she eats.

She has a huge need but it is not huge to GOD!

This precious baby is in need of a stunt to help drain the water  that is in her brain.

Her head is enlarged because of the water.

She needs surgery and she needs it fast.

Will you join in praying with me for a miracle for my Baby Daniella.

Pray for her to be healthy enough to have surgery.

Pray that she stops throwing up and can keep her food down.

Will you pray that God provides a way for her to have her surgery?

Will you join me in praying for my baby Daniella?

{Due to security reasons I can not share a picture of her but trust me she is precious}

The Little Boy with the Headache

In the village on Sunday {after service} the team broke up in to groups
to pray for those who had come forward for prayer.

There were over 60 people - men, woman and children, that came forward.

Many, many people had such huge needs.

There were so many children that came forward wanting - wisdom, school fees, to pass their test.

They were such sweet prayers coming from their hearts.

Then as the line got smaller there was this little boy maybe 8 years old.

He spoke in Luganda through the interpretor

He said "My head - it is paining me."

 I begin to pray for healing of his headache.

Then as I finished I said, "How is your head?"

"How does it feel does it feel any better?"

He answered,  "Yes!" 

That little boy had come with such a precious request.
It might seem small to some people.

But God cares about each prayer you pray. 

He cared and heard that little boys request.
He heard him ask for healing.

He came to God and God heard his cry.

Is that God for you or what?!

Maybe you have something you need to ask God for,
although it may seem small to you -  God cares!

Monday, June 6, 2011

updates :)

We arrived late Saturday night in my sweet Uganda. 
It was around midnight when we reached the guest house.

It feels so good to be back again.
Some people have told me "It feels like you were here yesterday".

Oh how good it feels to be told that.

I woke up early on Sunday morning not being able to sleep...
I was just to excited.
I was finally going to be able to hold my babies!

I can not tell you how amazing it felt to hold them again. 
Lots of my babies have left. Gone to live with there forever familes or they have been fostered.

It was good news but also sad to know they are not there when I walk through the gate.

We went to church in the village after voulunteering at the  baby home.
It was such an incredible service! 
I love having church the African way.
We danced and sang and danced some more!

Really you would love church in Uganda! 
After church I came to a conclusion
The first thing I need to do when I move here is enroll in dance class!! 

{The internet has been having problems so I have not been able to post. But I will try to upload some pictures tomorrow!}

Friday, June 3, 2011

Headin' Out

Today is the day I have been waiting for!
Today we drive to the airport.
For some of you who don't know I live in a small town!
 We have an airport but its really expensive to fly out from here.

So we have to drive 4 hours to fly out from New Mexico.

Since we are flying out so early in the morning we have to drive tonight and spend the night!

Then we fly out tomorrow morning bright and early early.

I can't wait to begin my 7th journey to Uganda!

I am so excited to see what God has in store for me for this trip!

Emma's mom, Linny here:
Emma asked me to post this...ooops. I forgot. Please forgive.  They are now two flights down...and in the midst of the third flight somewhere over the Atlantic.  Please join me in continuing to pray for their flights.  I pray I can hear from them once they land in Europe.  We'll see.    

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Packing my suitcase

I have always been a late packer a person who puts it off and puts it off. 
I wait and wait as if waiting will make it go faster! 

But today with just 2 days till I leave for Uganda and Ghana and Togo,
 I opened my bag and started putting clothes and supplies in my suitcase.

Finally its close enough for me to pack my suitcase.

I can hardly believe its coming so soon! 
I am so excited I jumped up and down up and down as I packed my bag!

Its not finished but its a good start:)

Okay well I guess I should get back to packing!

Sunday I hold my babies...ahhh...

okay I really am gonna go pack now:)

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Soon I Will Get to Hold my Babies!

In just 7 days I zip my suit case closed.

I will glance behind me in the mirror one last time and head towards the door.

I will walk down the stairs and hug my brothers and sisters and my Mommy goodbye.

I will hug my team members and open the door .

I will walk to the car and load my bags in the back.

I will drive and drive four hours and arrive at a hotel.

There I will lay in bed awake and count the hours till I fly away..

I will wake up excited as ever. Its the day I have been waiting for!

I will head to the aiport and board countless planes.

I will smile as I look down from my last plane into the darkness.

It's there down there   - my babies!
I will land on My Ugandan soil again!

I will be in Uganda in 9 days!

It will be night when I arrive and hug my Ugandan brothers and sister! 

I will ride home in the Matatoo {Van} and count the hours till I awake bright and early.

I will arrive at the guest house and hug all my friends that I have missed! They will welcome me home and tell me how "thankful" they are that I am back!

I will climb the stairs to my favorite room and shut the door. 
I'll go to bed waiting and waiting. 

In 10 days I will wake up early early!
 It will be the day I have been waiting for! 
I will run and run and rush to get ready and head to the baby home!
I will run to the gate,
sign my name "Emma" in the volunteer book
I will run up the walk
searching for their faces!
They will see me,
I will SMILE and
Hug my babies!!!!!!!!! 

Really I can not believe it is coming so soon until I get to hold my babies!!
Woot Woot God you're so good to me!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Car Wash Fundraiser

On Saturday we did a car wash at one of our local gas stations
We prayed together before we started and 
God totally provided!! 
We washed car after car after car they just kept coming:)

I was so bummed I didn't get any pictures of us washing some cars but we took these of us cleaning up

  Savannah and me:)
 She is not only my brothers girlfriend but an awesome friend!

                                                  Hosing up the dirt! One of the cars we had was so covered it took about  a half hour to rinse the car! Not even kidding, the guy had gone back country jeeping!
     These are my friends Savannah and Taylor
  We have so much fun together and I can't wait for us to go to Uganda together:)

After the car wash we had to clean up and the dirt was a mound so we had to shovel it away!
 here is my brother Graham shoveling the biggest pile of dirt ever!

We raised a huge amount and God just kept the cars coming.
We even just had a people who were getting gas ask us about the trip and then hand us money and they never even got there car washed! 

We prayed and he provided,
Yep thats my God for you!

Matthew 18:19 
"I also tell you this: If two of you agree here on 
earth concerning anything you ask, my Father in heaven will do it for you.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


I am so excited to be able to tell you all that after my trip to Uganda in just 2 1/2 weeks I will be boarding a plane back to Belgium and then I will be on my way to GHANA! 


You heard me right I am also going to Ghana!

God is so good!

My Dad will be leading a pastor's conference in Ghana and after praying about it my little brother 
{who is not so little only 18 months younger then me}
 decided that he thinks I should be the one to go with my Dad.

He said this:
 "you're the one going to move to Africa in just a year, so I think you should be the one to go to Ghana this way you can see more of Africa"

Really I was shocked. 
He wanted me to go!

It turns out that my Dad thinks its a great idea for me to go
and my flight has been booked and I am going to Ghana!

I could not be more excited I will be spending 3+ weeks in Africa! 
Not only will I be going to MY UGANDA,
But also to Ghana!

I am so thrilled I will be visiting West Africa for the first time!

God has definitely some secrets up his sleeve!
I can't wait to see what he will do.

While I am in Ghana I will be working in Orphanages! 
Exactly where my heart is - with the orphans!

Who knows maybe God has plans for me not only in Uganda but in:

Monday, May 16, 2011

Meet my friend Juliet - longing for a Family

Juliet is the sweetest thing.

I met her back in Summer of 2010.
When I was visiting the orphanage that she is at.

She was precious. 
She hangs around me and never leaves my side.
We quickly became the best of friends.

She's 3 years old.
But she talks so very much.
She speaks good English and so we got to talking when I was back in April.

I had already visited her several times since my first time meeting her so immediately she came over to me with such Joy on her face, seeing that I had come back to see her again.

She walks around calling me "Auntie Emma"

Auntie is an endearing term so I felt so privileged that she would call me Auntie along with the other children. They have seen me come back time after time so now I am known as there "Auntie" 
No longer am I just a visitor!

 We played and played when I was there in April. 
We played ball.
We rolled it back and fourth and she kept hiding it in her shirt and she would say in her adorable English Accent "Where'd it go?" 

Then she would tell me "Its gone." 

{Notice the ball behind her back}

                                                            {The balls under her shirt now}

 We were talking and playing the whole day and then she said something I will never forget.

She said  her friends name then "went to America"
She proceeded to tell me name after name of her friends who had left her.
They had "went to America"

Her whole attitude changed  as she became sad and she told me all of her friends who had left her.
Then a mama came up and said "You want to go to American to Juliet?"

She said "Yes"

This sweet precious girl has watched all her friends leave her.
She has watched them leave. 
Never to return she would think.

Gone to America.

I can't imagine such a sweet little girl watching child after child walk out the door.

She's left alone with the other children wondering why she can't go to America.

Wondering why she isn't chosen.

Today pray for my special friend Juliet to get a family.
For her to have her wish come true.
That she could go to America.
That she would have a family that loves her and cherishes her sweet spirit.

With every second of her telling me about her friends I wished I could just grab her and run for the door 
To say "I will take you in my family - you can come to America with me".
But I couldn't.

With everything I wished I could.

So when you think of our country please pray for Juliet, just a little girl in Uganda,
 longing for America and longing for a family.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Bake Sale Fundraiser

We held a bake sale at church to raise money for going to Uganda!

We had  tons and tons of delicious treats all made and waiting to be sold.
We sold literally like everything.
We barely had a thing left.


We raised somewhere around $427.00 :)

It was an awesome time and God totally provided!

Yippee Jesus!

We still are trying to raise the money so please keep praying we leave in just 3 weeks!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

My Edith goes.

Today I logged on to Facebook and there in the news feed- I read the news.

My Edith has gone home.

Its hard news to take and my heart feels like its breaking,its crumbling in millions of pieces.

I know the situation in her family life so I imagine it can't be easy for my sweet girl.

She's so innocent and little.

She doesn't have a relationship with the aunt and uncle that have taken her.

I imagine my girl must be so scared. 

Afraid and unsure of what to make of her new life.

Will you join me in praying for peace and comfort for my precious Edith?
That God will provide a way for me to find her family and keep up to date with her?

My darling girl, I will pray for you everyday,
I'm going to miss you forever Edith.
I will love you always.
Don't forget me.
Love Mama Emma

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Arriving Home - my heart cries!

I arrived home from Uganda early in the morning about 2:00am just one week ago.

The trip was long as I have come home being sick with strep!
But being sick this way is a good thing. 
Even though being sick is no fun.

It means something wonderful.

It means that I loved.

It means I loved and snuggled and kissed and held
who's noses wouldn't stop running,

who were so sick as i cuddled them and whispered to them that
"Jesus Loves them".

Who were hanging on to life by a thread.
It means I loved.
It means that I didn't hold back when snot was running down there clothes.
When there pants were dripping with pee.
Who were so malnourished that breathing was hard for them to do.

It means that I loved the kids who have never felt loved.
That I had the privilege to hold them.

Being able to love is a wonderful thing!

What are you going to do with your love?

Sometimes people wonder do I have enough love?

Yes yes you do.

Now what are you going to do with all that love?

Come to Uganda with me and I will show you:)

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A Journey

In just 6 weeks I get to board a plane again!! 

My heart is screaming with excitement.


I get to go back to My Uganda  for my 7th trip.

My 7th time to be able to be where my heart longs to be.
To be where God has called me.

Boarding a plane every trip gives me an anticipation.
Its the beginning of another journey.

A journey

To see what connections God will place in my life.

To see how God will use me.

It's such a feeling,
A feeling that makes me squirm in my seat.

You know that feeling of when you have been looking forward to something for so long?
When finally that day comes?

Thats the kind of feeling.
You can't decide what to do next but you have a huge smile on your face. 
A little nervous excitement butterflies in your tummy.

Yep thats the kind of feeling I get when I board that plane.
I have been fundraising and seeing God provide major. 

With going so often raising the funds sometimes look doubtful.
Will I be able to make it?
Will God provide?

Yes He does everytime!
He surprises me every trip! 
By showing me His faithfulness, His love and how He provides every every every time.

I can't wait to begin the Journey again!

*Also my computer has had major problems, so the stories of my most recent trip, will finally start coming.  Keep checking my blog for the stories and lots and lots of pictures*