Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Wait till you hear this!!!!!!!!!

This trip fundraising has been a lot different.. It's been very difficult.

People haven't been giving easily with the holidays and the economy.

I didn't know if I could raise the money.

But I kept praying and praying..

I knew my God would provide.

I asked you guys to pray and you prayed with me..

And then today I got the most amazing news!!

My fundraising for this trip is finished.

It's over.
It's done.

It's like God said...

"Emma I know you've been trusting me. Here is a little

gift so that you know that you're really hearing me."

God provided and my trip is paid for!!

I'm so relieved with just 5 days till the trip!

I am in awe and I am so excited to see that God provided once again!

Praise the Lord!!


Anna said...

Ahhhhhh!!!!!!!!! Emma this is so exciting!!!! I'm so happy for you!!!!!


Heather said...

congratulations on completing your fundraising! I hope you have a safe and wonderful trip!

Anonymous said...

That's so great!!!!! I will continue praying for your trip :)
Michaela Horton