Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The pattern 20 steps...

It's starting again all over again...the pattern the steps it takes to get there..
the steps I've taken 4 times...the process.. the pattern.... the journey to getting to my destination. First...

1. God calling me again to go....

2. Me saying "yes God I'll go"

3. praying for God to show me when and how

4. The dates are released for trip to Uganda

5. We begin planning (The applications are being sent out today by church)

6. Thinking and praying for idea's for new fundraisers for funds for the trip

7. Thinking of new things to bring to the people.

8. Begin Fundraising!!!!! Planning dates of fundraisers (this is the step I am on) :) whooo!!

9.Preparing meeting with the team (yikes can't wait)

10. Watching God provide

11. Start collecting things for the kids.

12. Printing pictures to take back to all my friends

13. Continue meeting with the team!! (getting to know everyone on the team)

14. Order team shirts

15. Finish last planning of trip everythings almost ready state side and Uganda side

16. Pull out the old suit case -- yippee!!

17. Begin packing

18.Charge my camera battery and prepare to leave

19. Wake up...freak out. Wait!! I didnt sleep all night too excited..

20. Arrive back in my sweet country that I love I am back in Uganda..
The pattern ,it's there, it's beginning again:) I'm so stoked to see how God is going to provide and what God is going to do on this trip!! If your thinking about going on this trip, and you don't know if you can raise the money in time let me tell you: If you're meant to go on this trip God will provide just like He always does!!

Just Trust in the Lord...

Proverbs 3:5

Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding;


natali said...

yes!! He will provide! :)

Christine said...

It's so exciting to see His hand in all the little details. Can't wait to hear all about your trip, Em!!

Casi said...

Hey Emma! I sent you an email a few weeks back- found you from your mom's blog. Do you have info on your June Uganda trip? Do you guys open the trip up to others outside your church? Thanks! Casi (cmattox22@hotmail.com)

viviene said...

yes yes yes! that is so true. my sister always tells me "where God leads, God feeds". before i flew to a mission trip in Papua New guinea, my fundraising support was less that 25% of what i needed. but the Lord gave His word, He will provide. And He did. =)

I am so excited for you! God be glorified in your life! =D

Just prayed for you. =)

Isabel said...

Hey Emma,
I think you're a MOST remarkable young woman after the heart of God! Love reading your updates (came here through your mom's blog).

My hubby and I (long-standing missionaries of over 25 years) will travel to Uganda (first time) in just about 10 days.

It is our heart to help existing orphan ministries (long-term from New Zealand, where we live).

Could you please give me some ideas of what kind of things the kids in Uganda like - little treats, toys, etc... do they like face painting?

That would be great!!!
My email is bettsfamily@watchdog.net.nz

Blessing and rich provisions for your upcoming trip,


Joy ~ Doodlebug ~ said...

I hope your pattern goes as planned! I know it will. :)

God bless you, girl.

Joy :)