Saturday, August 14, 2010

Dates with the brothers:)

So I decided I thought id start sharing more of what goes on in my life and what just normal everydays are like for me:) I took Andrew {friend} who is nine and Isaiah {Brother} is six.
We decided to go to a movie theater to see Despicable Me! Isaiah asked "Can I have my own soda?" so of course he got it:) (soda is a big treat in my family!).. After the movie we decided to go grab some food and go the park!!

They loved it and we've decided every few weeks will go on a brothers date:)

( below: Isaiah was so excited to go he couldn't stand it)

(below:the boys playing in the park I think they were ninjas!)
Isaiah and I are getting married least he thinks so:)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Meet Charlee Louise Nja Kugenda

For awhile now I have been feeling like I needed a puppy :) So for my birthday I started leaving hints. Little hints here and little hints there....I started praying that God would provide a puppy and He would direct me to the right one.....

I didn't want the excitment to seem like "yes this is it" when really God had something way better in store. So I prayed and prayed and looked everywhere,craigslist and ebay pets,news papers galore...Sunday after have searching for months I felt I should look on craigslist again so again I loaded the web page and waited and waited.....ughh it sometimes my internet is so slow...

But I felt God said to search in a near by town about an hour away....I thought, 'Why? This town won't have anything' but still I felt God said to search so I loaded the page....Wow! There I saw an ad for two poodles {toy} just what I had searched and searched for!! I quickly dashed an email to the seller requesting some pics. With in about an hour the pics were there of some adorable poodles. I was like wow are they not cute??!!

So today we made the trip to go shopping and happened to set up a time to drop by and meet these sweet fuzzy friends!! The seller told me that now he only had one and it was the girl - the very one I had thought was the cutest...We met her she was precious I grabbed her and instantly she cuddled into my arms and looked up at me. I knew she was what I had prayed for!!

Please meet my sweet new puppy

Charlee Louise Nja Kugenda

Charlee - meaning: Free Girl
Louise- meaning: Famous Warrior

I really just loved the name Charlee Louise its just cute the
next part is special cause it's in Luganda:) Uganda's native language:)
Nja Kugenda -meaning: I shall Go (significant for me going to Uganda)

Now meet my puppy=]]]
Where's Charlee?!

Me and my sweet new puppy:))
Isn't she cute I think she looks darling with the bow but apparently she doesn't like it:)

she is precious and snuggles and snuggles she is so content and cuddlie!!
I will be putting a small figure of a puppy for my Memorial Box:) to remember how He cares about just the little things in life that you desire and how He provided!!

Psalms 37:4
Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart.