Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Shouldn't Have Blinked

Yesterday I arrived home from Uganda. I still can't believe that it went so fast. The two weeks in Uganda seemed to fly by without even taking a breath. It seems like I just blinked and it was over. But I have the memories and the pictures to prove that I was actually in Uganda!

While in Uganda I wanted to blog my whole trip but everytime I tried the computer center would be closed or the internet wouldn't load blogger. It was so frustrating! So I'll just have to rely on my journal and my memory and tell the stories now. :)

I loaded all my photos to my computer and I have about 2000 so I should have enough stories for a long time:)

Traveling day One Part One :

So I thought I'd start with the traveling the first day the trip started

It was Wednesday morning at 3am that my alarm began to beep like crazy. For a split second I debated to continue sleeping then remembered that I was leaving for Uganda so up I jumped, showered and threw in the remaining items before zipping up my two suit cases. I ran down stairs where the team was little by little beginning to show up. No one seemed tired - the anticipation was in the air! We left the house at 4am and drove to Albuquerque, New Mexico where our flight would fly out at 10:40am to Los Angeles. Then a 5 hour lay over and then a 15 hour flight to Dubai. Followed by another 12 hour lay over. On to Ethopia, then on to Uganda. Lots of flights in just 2 days of non-stop traveling.
In Los Angeles on our layover my sweet friend Vanessa got to have her first Starbucks ever!!! It was a big moment as she is 18! My family, well we're addicted to coffee, so I had to post a picture - besides she reads my blog. :)

When we arrived in Dubai we found some taxies and split up. While driving we passed the worlds tallest building - it was ummmm really tall! We had a hotel that the airlines gave us some rooms in to sleep since it was such a long layover. We were all starving and it was 10:30 at night. Two of the adults decided to walk and buy some pizza at a Pizza Hut down the road. Too dangerous for fifteen people to walk, so we opted for just two.

After dinner or a midnight snack we slept a little then got up to head back to the airport.
And on we flew to Ethiopia and then Uganda.

In Ethiopia they don't allow you to leave the plane so we sat there for like 2 hours and made friends with all the fellow passengers! Finally we were in the air again.

Uganda was getting so close people were getting itchy! I had a window seat and was sitting next to Josh and a Ugandan man. The faces of the team was priceless - everyone was excited as the wheels on the airplane hit the run way. We were there!! We had made it to Uganda.
Uganda From the plane

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Quick Update:)

Quick update I have to go people are calling me internet is slow

Thank you so much for all the prayers!!
The flights were amazing!!!!!!!!!! You all are such a blessing!
Tomorrow I will post for real:)

Please be praying for health for the team people have been getting sick the devil has been attacking us!
Thank you goodnight everyone from Uganda:)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Waiting in the airport

Hey my sweet bloggy friends!! I just wanted to ask you all to pray for our flights! We started out this morning by leaving my house at 4 am! Then it was a 4 hour trip to the ABQ New Mexico airport then we had to check in and board the plane for LA. We have been sitting around for about 5 hours here we were able to grab a quick lunch and meet up with /have a girl from Canada named Joanna who is going to Uganda with us :)
The team and I are sitting in the Los Angeles Airport about to board the plane for Dubai then we spend the night there and then in the morning continue on to Uganda!! I am not a huge fan of flying anymore since the fire, so I wanted to ask you all? to please be praying for the flights for smooth and not bumpy flights that God would hold it steady in his hand and that he would provide and open up doors for us to talk to people on our flight!! Thanks sweet friends!