Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The countdown begins all over again!

Today is only 52 days away thats right just 52! I have been counting down since day 75! So many days have passed since the last time I was in Uganda. I miss my people, my friends, and hopefully next home in just 2 short years ....shhhh don't tell my parents!! I'll be posting more often as I remember the last trip and prepare for my 4th trip there :) So continue checking my blog for updates!


natali said...

how exciting!! im counting the days too. roughly 280 days until i move to mali :)) how long will you be in uganda for?

Simply Sisters said...

My name is Lashae. I believe my uncle Justin went with you to Uganda last May. Anyways, I am excited to follow you on your 4th journey as I head out on my 1st. I am leaving in 39 days for Uganda!! And I can't wait. I also had a question for you...(if you don't mind-hope it's not weird that I follow your blog)....

Waitingfaithfully said...


I love the way God has given you a Ugandan heart! You are precious in His sight--and I look forward to seeing Him use you as you return yet again to love on His babies and His people.

Love and blessings ~


Amber said...

I like that you have a love for orphans. I thought your post about moving in 2 years, and not to tell your parents was very funny!

I'm called to the Ch*na Mission field. And I am hoping to move in 15 months. But my parents are having a hard time letting go.

I'm looking forward to your future posts.


Nancy said...

Emma, will you be taking beanie babies with you this time too? I have some I'd like to mail to you via your church if you are still accepting them.