Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Please Pray Haiti Urgent

Hey Everyone its been awhile since i've posted :) but I am going to start working on getting better about that:)

I come to you asking that you would please join me in praying for Haiti as many of you know just about 18hrs ago a huge 7.0 earth quake hit Port au prince Haiti Pray for the orphans the missionarys there....
My friend Jessica in Uganda who works with African hearts lived in Haiti for over a year with her family as missionarys. I know she must be grieved and worried about her friends who are there.
There is also a team of about 15 missionarys from a baptist church in New Jersey who are in Haiti who have not been heard from yet. Be praying for there familes. And that they would hear from them. Thank you all so much for your prayers :)
Blessings Emma


Krissy said...

Praying =]

Anonymous said...

Praying! My teacher has an exchanged student who's sister goes to school just a few blocks from where the center earthquake hit. They've seen picture of buildings on blocks away from where their sister was at the time, and they are completely ruined. They still haven't heard from any of their family.

Anonymous said...

I am praying too!