Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Wait till you hear this!!!!!!!!!

This trip fundraising has been a lot different.. It's been very difficult.

People haven't been giving easily with the holidays and the economy.

I didn't know if I could raise the money.

But I kept praying and praying..

I knew my God would provide.

I asked you guys to pray and you prayed with me..

And then today I got the most amazing news!!

My fundraising for this trip is finished.

It's over.
It's done.

It's like God said...

"Emma I know you've been trusting me. Here is a little

gift so that you know that you're really hearing me."

God provided and my trip is paid for!!

I'm so relieved with just 5 days till the trip!

I am in awe and I am so excited to see that God provided once again!

Praise the Lord!!

Monday, December 27, 2010


In just one week from today I will be boarding a plane..But not just any plane..

A plane that will take me across the ocean...To the other side of the World..

I'm so excited.

I'm nervous.

I'm anxious to get there.

I'm anticipating hugging my babies again.

I'm imagining if they will remember me?!

I'm wondering how the reaction will be when I reach Ssenge village

will they all come running shouting Emmarie?

Will it happen like I imagine or will it be different?!

I'm also nervous to fly as I am not a big flying lover. It makes me nervous, so I am asking you to please pray for peace and safe flights,for the others on the team for there flights as well. Please also pray for health while we travel and while we are in the country. For God to show up and use us in big ways and that He'd break our hearts for the things that break His.
That people on the team would be changed and touched,

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

From my Heart

Dear Friends and Family,

First off I want to thank you for supporting me in the past and praying for me as I go on mission's trips to Uganda in East Africa. God has truly placed Uganda on my heart. I feel God is calling me there full time and I plan on moving there as soon as I graduate. I'm so excited to see what God will have me do for HIM.

Since I was a little girl I have felt God calling me to Africa. I'm so excited for this upcoming trip in January 2011. This will be my 5th trip to Uganda. While we are in Uganda we will be working in the slums with A Perfect Injustice.

A Perfect Injustice has recently purchased land - we will be clearing the land and preparing it to be built on.

We will also be working in Ssenge Village with African Hearts - working on the land , possibly painting and always loving on the boys. We will also be working at several orphanages!! I can not wait to be there loving on the babies!!!

I want to ask you to please pray and consider supporting me in sending me to Uganda.
Help the orphans by helping me go serve and show them the love of Jesus Christ!! Even the smallest amount would help greatly!

Please keep the team and I in your prayers!!
Thank you!!

Emma Saunders
c/o The River Church
860 Plymouth Drive
Durango, CO 81301
In memo space: Emma - GO Uganda January

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Just ASK!!

As we prepare to go, this January 2011 (to my sweet country)

we have meetings,to prepare the team and build a team before we even get to Uganda.

Last night we met at the church as a team.

We have 3 team members joining us from the bloggy world.

We were able to either skype or talk on the phone to them as well.

After the meeting was over nobody even wanted to leave,

we just sat around and talked and talked

we are already starting to make some great friendships!

I'm so excited for this trip that my Dad and I are leading.

I am thrilled beyond words.

But then again when am I not excited to go back to where God has called me?!

The people are amazing.

I can't wait to meet the ones across the states who will be joining us.

Tonight we have another fundraiser - we are having another bake sale at the church!

Tonight the Bar D Wranglers are coming to play a Cowboy Christmas -

there will be hundreds of people - the church will be packed!

So although this might sound strange - would you pray that people would be hungry and want to purchase some snacks?

I'm asking you to pray that people will be generous and willing to give!!

I'm asking you to pray this because of this verse:

Matthew 7:7

"Ask, and you will receive. Search, and you will find. Knock, and the door will be opened for you."

I'll keep you updated on how the bake sale turns out!!!

Saturday, December 4, 2010


Fundraisers are finally in full swing!!

the January 2011 Uganda team had a bake sale!!

God totally provided! He provided more then we can think or ask.

Thank you Jesus!!

The day before the bake sale,

Graham (my little brother - 18 months younger then me) and I spent the entire day baking and baking and baking some more. We made 5 pumpkin pies,3 Kentucky Derby pies ,and a ton of cinnamon rolls.

It may not sound like it should have taken like all day but the pumpkin pies were made from scratch like cut open the pumpkin, cook it,puree it and then put it in a pie! It took waaaay longer then I thought it would have!

The bake sale was held at our church and other team members participated.

We had donation only and people gave and then gave and gave some more!

Are you ready to hear how much God provided?!

He provided $700.





So $100 down $2,900 to go!

Just remember God will provide just like He always does!!!

The pies and baked goods we made...

Above Kentucky Derby Pies

Above Cinnamon Rolls and Pumpkin Pies

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

69,120 minutes...

I woke up this morning feeling excited. Yes very excited. I logged on to good old Facebook and who would chat me but Lutaaya in Uganda:) see story about him and his fiance in a few posts down:)

As I began to talk to him ,I thought about it and began to calculate how much time I had till the January 2011 team would be on there way:))

We have approximately

48 days


1152 hours


69,120 minutes

till we get to Uganda again!!

I can't wait to be back again.

Yes, God you're so good to me, for calling me there and continuing to provide so I can go back and make relationships with the people even before I graduate and move there.

God you're sooo Good..

I'm so excited to see what God's going to do with my life!!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The pattern 20 steps...

It's starting again all over again...the pattern the steps it takes to get there..
the steps I've taken 4 times...the process.. the pattern.... the journey to getting to my destination. First...

1. God calling me again to go....

2. Me saying "yes God I'll go"

3. praying for God to show me when and how

4. The dates are released for trip to Uganda

5. We begin planning (The applications are being sent out today by church)

6. Thinking and praying for idea's for new fundraisers for funds for the trip

7. Thinking of new things to bring to the people.

8. Begin Fundraising!!!!! Planning dates of fundraisers (this is the step I am on) :) whooo!!

9.Preparing meeting with the team (yikes can't wait)

10. Watching God provide

11. Start collecting things for the kids.

12. Printing pictures to take back to all my friends

13. Continue meeting with the team!! (getting to know everyone on the team)

14. Order team shirts

15. Finish last planning of trip everythings almost ready state side and Uganda side

16. Pull out the old suit case -- yippee!!

17. Begin packing

18.Charge my camera battery and prepare to leave

19. Wake up...freak out. Wait!! I didnt sleep all night too excited..

20. Arrive back in my sweet country that I love I am back in Uganda..
The pattern ,it's there, it's beginning again:) I'm so stoked to see how God is going to provide and what God is going to do on this trip!! If your thinking about going on this trip, and you don't know if you can raise the money in time let me tell you: If you're meant to go on this trip God will provide just like He always does!!

Just Trust in the Lord...

Proverbs 3:5

Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding;

Thursday, October 14, 2010

"Emmamarie" returns...

I'm so excited for January, I just can't stand it. It's in my thoughts, mind, heart, and everywhere I look!! Just three short months and I'll be back holding my "babies" and hugging my kids, who call me "Emmamarie". In Uganda "Emma" is a boy's name so I've been told, and asked if I was a boy way too many times:).

I decided to tell everyone my name is "EmmaLee" in Uganda.
But some how the people can't quite understand "EmmaLee" so they call me "Emmamarie" and I think thats simply precious and adorable!! When I walk through one of my favorite parts of Uganda, Ssenge Village, everyone knows my name and comes out to see that "Emmamarie" has returned...

The excitement in me is building: beautiful dark skin, to see their gleeming smilies ,their bare feet, their torn clothing, their contagious happiness, - All welcoming me back! I can only dream of, in just a year and a half, their greeting me and this time I can hear it in my mind...them saying..."Welcome Home Emmamarie".

I'm not saying I'll be moving exactly to Ssenge Village but definitely visiting all the time!! I'm not sure yet where in Uganda God is calling me...But I can tell you that it's exciting and I'll be telling you every bit of my story!! Stay tuned:)

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The wedding date...

Lutaaya and me (presenting the instruments I brought first trip)

It all goes back to Uganda July 2008 my very first trip to Uganda....It was just me and my Dad...My Dad was going to be teaching a pastors confrence and I would work in Orphanages and we would both work with African Hearts.
For those of you who dont know -African Hearts is a boys program which takes boys off the streets, and gives them a second chance. They will also learn a brass instrument and get to play in the brass band that is famous in the Kampala area. The money raised by the brass band will provide funds for college. They attend church and learn all about Jesus!
My Dad was also going to be mentoring the young African Hearts Leaders at the Kampala Boys home!! (There is now 2 homes - one in Ssenge and one in Kampala.)....Well during one of the mentoring times he had all of the leaders gathered around: George,Tony, Lutaaya, Junior,etc... He started to talk about "Dads and Fathers" and the room became silent..He looked around and asked "Who here has a Dad?" Every one of those young men looked at him and said "none of us do".
All of their Dads had either abandoned them or left them. They all grew up around the streets of Kampala...and now radically changed by the Power of God, they were not only off the streets themselves but now giving their lives away for the young street boys! It's truly amazing to watch these young men who have had nothing give away every part of themselves for these boys...

Now back to the mentoring.... when all of them replied sadly that none of them had fathers... My Dad said "I'll be your Dad" and instantly all of the young men jumped up and started cheering!! They were giving each other high fives and shouting with excitement!! They now had a Dad!!!
From then on I have always been their sister... When I see them they will say "Hey sister" "I love you sister"...They really are the most amazing brothers!!

They are as close to me as all my siblings are!! They call my mom "Mum" and my Dad "Dad".

We really are a much bigger family then you all know:)))

(from left to right Lutaaya,Me,Kasandra,Dad)

Anyway, Lutaaya has long been in love with Kasandra (his princess). They have planned to get married since meeting them in 2008. In Uganda there is the "bridal price" that every young man must pay for his bride. He pays it to the brides family...

Since :utaaya has been giving it all to serve the street boys...he didn't have the funds to buy all the cows and this bride is so beautiful she is far more expensive:) He needed 10 this past May when I was in Uganda...Before hand we decided to surpise him... we came up with BUY A COW FOR LUTAAYA at our church.

We started advertising it and every person who bought a cow we would take a picture of the person who bought it, to present it to him!! So one night in May we invited Lutaaya and Kasandra to have dinner with us up at Namirembe (the guest house we stayed at).

We told them we had a present for them..Slowly we started to pull out envelopes and pass one to Lutaaya and Kasandra. Each card read "I have bought one cow"....they were crying and so excited they love each other so much!! The last cow was still missing. We had an envelope that read "you must buy the last cow yourself because I am your Dad I want you to work hard for this last cow." Then my dad paused and said, "The only one who can change this is your Mum."

My dad's cell phone started to ring. My dad had Lutaaya answer the phone. It was mom on the other end, calling from Colorado. She said to Lutaaya, "Son, we are very proud of you. We are very proud of how you have sacrificed for the Lord. We love you very much. We always miss you. Please ask Dad for the envelope."

Immediately Lutaaya turned to my dad and said "Dad give me the envelope." Everyone burst out laughing...Inside the hidden envelope were the words, "Cow number 10 has been paid for by mum and dad." Tears were rolling down their cheeks as their dream was fulfilled -

they finally had the money to pay the bridal price....
so they could get married!!!

Immediately Lutaaya invited his sister {me!} to the wedding :) and my Dad and so on with our family...Kasandra grabbed her calander in her purse and started naming off dates they could be married on!!! It was so thrilling and exciting to watch my Brother and his fiance, with love in their eyes, talk of being married soon!!

Just a few days ago we got the date for their wedding. They are to be married on January 16, 2011....Dad and I and Graham will be attending the wedding!! Dad and I will again be leading a team leaving (give or take) January 3rd, 2011 to January 16th, 2011...Dad and Gray and I will stay longer. Lots of details to come. Check out : A Place Called Simplicity for details:)

I can not wait to be back in Uganda! Only a few months away and lots of fundraising to do but God will provide just like he always does!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Dates with the brothers:)

So I decided I thought id start sharing more of what goes on in my life and what just normal everydays are like for me:) I took Andrew {friend} who is nine and Isaiah {Brother} is six.
We decided to go to a movie theater to see Despicable Me! Isaiah asked "Can I have my own soda?" so of course he got it:) (soda is a big treat in my family!).. After the movie we decided to go grab some food and go the park!!

They loved it and we've decided every few weeks will go on a brothers date:)

( below: Isaiah was so excited to go he couldn't stand it)

(below:the boys playing in the park I think they were ninjas!)
Isaiah and I are getting married least he thinks so:)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Meet Charlee Louise Nja Kugenda

For awhile now I have been feeling like I needed a puppy :) So for my birthday I started leaving hints. Little hints here and little hints there....I started praying that God would provide a puppy and He would direct me to the right one.....

I didn't want the excitment to seem like "yes this is it" when really God had something way better in store. So I prayed and prayed and looked everywhere,craigslist and ebay pets,news papers galore...Sunday after have searching for months I felt I should look on craigslist again so again I loaded the web page and waited and waited.....ughh it sometimes my internet is so slow...

But I felt God said to search in a near by town about an hour away....I thought, 'Why? This town won't have anything' but still I felt God said to search so I loaded the page....Wow! There I saw an ad for two poodles {toy} just what I had searched and searched for!! I quickly dashed an email to the seller requesting some pics. With in about an hour the pics were there of some adorable poodles. I was like wow are they not cute??!!

So today we made the trip to go shopping and happened to set up a time to drop by and meet these sweet fuzzy friends!! The seller told me that now he only had one and it was the girl - the very one I had thought was the cutest...We met her she was precious I grabbed her and instantly she cuddled into my arms and looked up at me. I knew she was what I had prayed for!!

Please meet my sweet new puppy

Charlee Louise Nja Kugenda

Charlee - meaning: Free Girl
Louise- meaning: Famous Warrior

I really just loved the name Charlee Louise its just cute the
next part is special cause it's in Luganda:) Uganda's native language:)
Nja Kugenda -meaning: I shall Go (significant for me going to Uganda)

Now meet my puppy=]]]
Where's Charlee?!

Me and my sweet new puppy:))
Isn't she cute I think she looks darling with the bow but apparently she doesn't like it:)

she is precious and snuggles and snuggles she is so content and cuddlie!!
I will be putting a small figure of a puppy for my Memorial Box:) to remember how He cares about just the little things in life that you desire and how He provided!!

Psalms 37:4
Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

This is why I know...

This is why I know that I have to go...This is why I know God is calling me there. This is why I know that he has called me for a specific purpose to defend the orphans and widows in there distress..To go to them and love on them and show them that God loves them.. This is why I know...This is why I know that you have called me...
( these little guys are in northern Uganda)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Ever feel like....





If I was to go right now anywhere this is where I would go...

I'd arrive in Uganda..

I'd junp on a Boda...

And then I'd tell them where to go...
I would run inside and sign myself in as a volunteer id print my name so clearly so that someday I could look back and see just how many times my name was in that book...

I would run through the orphanage and franticly search for my Martha
and I'd grab her and hug her tight and id tell her how much I missed her and wish that she had someone that would love her and call her there own. I love you Martha

And I miss you.......

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Uganda Bombings kill 64...

( note this picture is one of mine from Uganda summer 2010)
Today in Kampala Uganda..while watching the world cup 64+ people in two different locations were enjoying the game,I imagine they were laughing and cheering,some were talking to family,others to friends.Some were sipping coke. and others just relaxing and getting into the game. one moment they were here the next moment a blast went off and they were gone. 64 people died today in the bombings in Kampala Uganda. One bombing was at a rugby club the other at an Ethiopian restaurant. My heart is sad.. I dont know if I knew any of them who passed away today or even have just met several.. Please pray with me for there families and loved ones.. The link for the story is below..

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

From My Heart

As I sit here today my mind goes back to where it was just a few weeks ago.
It goes back to Uganda. Not just any part of Uganda,my Uganda. It instantly makes me remember the sights and the sounds of driving in to the city that day. As I sit in the Taxi that day I can smell the rotting garbage. As you breath in, the exhaust of the vehicles gets caught in your lungs and as I let out a breath I sigh with a smile I am back in my Uganda.

As the taxi starts nearing the city, you start little by little to see more and more people, your mind wonders to where are they all going today? Then you have to think well where am I going? My Friend Jessica who lives in Uganda I once asked her that question where are they all going? She simply replied "they are all just trying to make today". You see in the Western World we have the conveniences of having a sure set amount you will make at the end of your pay period. You have the ability to know and be reassured so that you have the freedom to buy you need it or want it.

But that is not the story in Uganda. You see there they work everyday just to survive. They have no idea if they will even have enough to feed their family that night. For the vendors selling bananas or mangos what they make is what will feed their babies and children at home. It they don't make enough they won't get to eat.

After the Uganda Go Team 2010 was finished eating lunch down town Kampala, we started walking towards our taxi. As we all started to pile in, I looked over and saw 3 ladies who were vendors. They had all sorts of fruit in there baskets. The look in the lady's eyes who had bananas in her basket was deep. You could see the pain. You could see the worry. You could see through her as if she was saying please just buy one banana. As I looked at the bananas I noticed that they have started to rot. At the same time my dad also noticed her. The sadness. The pain. He walked over and dropped some coins in her hand. She smiled....

There are many people in Uganda just trying to survive. They are just like this lady I wrote about. Like all the people going in to the city just trying to find work so they can make money to feed there family.

So as we sit in our nice comfortable house with a pantry of food with all the modern conveniences I think of the lady who has to wonder the streets hoping, praying that tonight she can feed her family. How can we complain about making dinner again? When we think of the people who wish they had food to make dinner. How can we complain about washing dishes again, when we think of the people in Uganda just wishing they had a dirty dish to wash? Think of these people,think of the lady with the banana's and pray that today they can feed their families. My heart is heavy.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Shouldn't Have Blinked

Yesterday I arrived home from Uganda. I still can't believe that it went so fast. The two weeks in Uganda seemed to fly by without even taking a breath. It seems like I just blinked and it was over. But I have the memories and the pictures to prove that I was actually in Uganda!

While in Uganda I wanted to blog my whole trip but everytime I tried the computer center would be closed or the internet wouldn't load blogger. It was so frustrating! So I'll just have to rely on my journal and my memory and tell the stories now. :)

I loaded all my photos to my computer and I have about 2000 so I should have enough stories for a long time:)

Traveling day One Part One :

So I thought I'd start with the traveling the first day the trip started

It was Wednesday morning at 3am that my alarm began to beep like crazy. For a split second I debated to continue sleeping then remembered that I was leaving for Uganda so up I jumped, showered and threw in the remaining items before zipping up my two suit cases. I ran down stairs where the team was little by little beginning to show up. No one seemed tired - the anticipation was in the air! We left the house at 4am and drove to Albuquerque, New Mexico where our flight would fly out at 10:40am to Los Angeles. Then a 5 hour lay over and then a 15 hour flight to Dubai. Followed by another 12 hour lay over. On to Ethopia, then on to Uganda. Lots of flights in just 2 days of non-stop traveling.
In Los Angeles on our layover my sweet friend Vanessa got to have her first Starbucks ever!!! It was a big moment as she is 18! My family, well we're addicted to coffee, so I had to post a picture - besides she reads my blog. :)

When we arrived in Dubai we found some taxies and split up. While driving we passed the worlds tallest building - it was ummmm really tall! We had a hotel that the airlines gave us some rooms in to sleep since it was such a long layover. We were all starving and it was 10:30 at night. Two of the adults decided to walk and buy some pizza at a Pizza Hut down the road. Too dangerous for fifteen people to walk, so we opted for just two.

After dinner or a midnight snack we slept a little then got up to head back to the airport.
And on we flew to Ethiopia and then Uganda.

In Ethiopia they don't allow you to leave the plane so we sat there for like 2 hours and made friends with all the fellow passengers! Finally we were in the air again.

Uganda was getting so close people were getting itchy! I had a window seat and was sitting next to Josh and a Ugandan man. The faces of the team was priceless - everyone was excited as the wheels on the airplane hit the run way. We were there!! We had made it to Uganda.
Uganda From the plane

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Quick Update:)

Quick update I have to go people are calling me internet is slow

Thank you so much for all the prayers!!
The flights were amazing!!!!!!!!!! You all are such a blessing!
Tomorrow I will post for real:)

Please be praying for health for the team people have been getting sick the devil has been attacking us!
Thank you goodnight everyone from Uganda:)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Waiting in the airport

Hey my sweet bloggy friends!! I just wanted to ask you all to pray for our flights! We started out this morning by leaving my house at 4 am! Then it was a 4 hour trip to the ABQ New Mexico airport then we had to check in and board the plane for LA. We have been sitting around for about 5 hours here we were able to grab a quick lunch and meet up with /have a girl from Canada named Joanna who is going to Uganda with us :)
The team and I are sitting in the Los Angeles Airport about to board the plane for Dubai then we spend the night there and then in the morning continue on to Uganda!! I am not a huge fan of flying anymore since the fire, so I wanted to ask you all? to please be praying for the flights for smooth and not bumpy flights that God would hold it steady in his hand and that he would provide and open up doors for us to talk to people on our flight!! Thanks sweet friends!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

336 hours

Today is gorgeous here. Beautiful and sunny! But the best part is that its only 14 days or two weeks or 336 hours, away from Uganda!! I am so excited for this year - to see what God has in store for us! I have been busy in preparing some things for Uganda. This time we are taking some mission dolls from blog friends - which I am so stinkin' excited about! (Pictures soon!!)

This time in Uganda we will be finishing building the room we worked on last year along with painting the boys room and dining room/living room. We will also possibly be planting some more trees:) We as a team will be doing a crusade one of the nights! While my Dad will be leading a pastors conference, I will be leading the VBS for the village kids with some of the team. Others will be working on the building. :) In the evenings and on some full days we will be going to work in orphanages which is my favorite part:) At Sanyu Babies home we get to tuck the kids in to bed every night:)) It's just the very best!

I am so excited for this trip and to see what God will have us do and do through us!
Please keep the Uganda Go Team 2010 in your prayers! As some of us still have more funds needed which needs a lot of prayer. Please pray that God would prepare our teams hearts for Uganda!!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The countdown begins all over again!

Today is only 52 days away thats right just 52! I have been counting down since day 75! So many days have passed since the last time I was in Uganda. I miss my people, my friends, and hopefully next home in just 2 short years ....shhhh don't tell my parents!! I'll be posting more often as I remember the last trip and prepare for my 4th trip there :) So continue checking my blog for updates!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Please Pray Haiti Urgent

Hey Everyone its been awhile since i've posted :) but I am going to start working on getting better about that:)

I come to you asking that you would please join me in praying for Haiti as many of you know just about 18hrs ago a huge 7.0 earth quake hit Port au prince Haiti Pray for the orphans the missionarys there....
My friend Jessica in Uganda who works with African hearts lived in Haiti for over a year with her family as missionarys. I know she must be grieved and worried about her friends who are there.
There is also a team of about 15 missionarys from a baptist church in New Jersey who are in Haiti who have not been heard from yet. Be praying for there familes. And that they would hear from them. Thank you all so much for your prayers :)
Blessings Emma