Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Thankful Thursday family style and dancing :)

This Thursday I'm thankful for quiet a few things, In my house my family plays a game when people tend to be well grumpy, so we start with someone who is not grumpy and say "Hey ___________ 10 things your thankful for" they will give the 10 things happily then we eventually get to the grumpy person and they say 10 things. Not sure why we always start like that wouldn't it be easier to just say hey your grumpy give me 10 things your thankful for now!! Haha but thats not how we roll it just wouldn't be the same...So this thursday Im thankful for 10 very special things to me...

1.The oppertunity to be thankful I wouldn't like only being able to be grumpy if you couldn't be thankful man life would umm stink

2. Bracelets and lots of them I love wearing them at least 2 to 3 on each arm makes it so much more cheerful :)

3. Toes and fingers there just so cute :) and lots of fun to write faces on :)

4. colors I love color can you imagine if you woke up every morning to another black and white sky! I love waking up to a blue crisp beautiful winter morning. I just love colors!

5. my brothers and sister I have so much fun with :)

6. Ssenge Village outside of Kampala Uganda ohh my how I feel at home there :)

7. Planes and cars can you imagine if we were still using wagons and everything you know how long it would take for us to go and get places!!

8. Best Friends

9. My parents I love them soooo much :) as I' m sure lots of you guys love my mom too and her blogging :)

10. The privledge to be able to dance I love love love dancing its so much fun I love Ballet and Swing and just fun messing around :)

-Below teaching Lutaya to dance :)
What are you thankful for this Thankful Thursday?

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Long time no post

Hey all my fellow readers, so I am not very good at posting and I want to ask you to forgive me!! Haha.. Life has been pretty crazy!! The River Run went amazing!! I was able to sell a lot of necklaces for the girls in Uganda!! I also ran a 7k for the orphans in Kenya so lots of running and things going on :)) So now there is this concert coming up at my church. Were expecting about 600+ kids!! Please be praying for kids hearts to be open and for God to do something big in my highschool!! A lot of the girls who are helping with the concert have been getting sick so I'd like to ask you to pray for there healing as I believe it is spiritual war far that the devil doesn't want these girls to do what they need to so please be praying!! Thank you all so much!! I'll post again soon! -Emma