Wednesday, April 29, 2009

An afternoon with my Sis and me :))

The other day I was putting on my make-up when my little sister Elizabeth came in and insisted she needed make up and her hair to be done if its not, then to her it is considered "Broken".. If her headband falls off she says "my hairs broken!" so heres some pics of sis with her make-up and hair and then us together :)

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Collecting for Orphans Bean*e Babies

Hey Everyone :),Im heading back to Uganda in just about 1 month and 19 days!! YIKES :) I am so excited!! This will be my 3rd time there in less then a year!! And well the bean*e babies that some of you helped collect have been such a hit that I am asking that you guys would help collect some more!! Last July I took 200+ and the children loved them!! Well a few months ago Jessica one of my good friends who lives in Uganda(serving with African Hearts) wrote me and said this "The other day I was walking in the village carrying a sack on my head and I looked over and saw a little girl carrying one too and i looked and thought what is on her sack i realized it was one of the bean*e babies that Emma had brought!"

The children love them as they don't have any toys!! I also took them to several orphanages and would love to be able to take some more back to the kids this time!! So if you have any bean*e babies that are in good condition and you want to send them this way :) the mailing address is -
Emma Saunders c/o the River Church 860 Plymouth Drive Durango,CO 81301

* *

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Hey Everyone,some of you have left questions on my comments and well its hard to find and answer them so I thought i'd let this be a post for if you have any questions about Uganda or the Adoptions or just a random question just leave a comment on this post or E-mail me at :-)
Thanks everyone -Emma