Monday, July 27, 2009

Uganda June 09 the little ones..

Sorry everyone that i've not been able to post in awhile with my Dad being in the hospital, my little brothers surgery, ballet and church- life has been kinda crazy lately!! .....I miss Uganda so very much.. Everytime I think about it I can't help but think about the kids and little ones I left behind.. There faces are inprinted in my memory..I miss hugging them and holding them,loving on them and just being able to show that someone cares and to whisper in there ear that Jesus loves them....I have an idea for a business that I am going to start to get myself there faster. Stay tuned :)

Friday, July 3, 2009

Long time no posts *Please Pray*

Hey Everyone, its been awhile since I have had time to just sit down and post..Since being back from Uganda I got really sick inbetween running to Greeley for my little brother Isaiah's cast changes for his treatments,Ballet,youth band,church,baby sitting. All my family came home for my brother Ty's wedding on friday June 26th:)) then Ben who calls me his sister got married saturday!! Sooo exciting :)) .. Well several days ago Isaiah had a surgery in Iowa City,Iowa...So my Parents, Isaiah and Liberty set off...Isaiah's Surgery went well but the day after his surgery my Dad got really sick, he had been on and off with the flu at least that's what we thought it was at the time...He was so sick that my Mom took him to the ER while Isaiah was still recovering... He was immediately addmitted to the same hospital Isaiah was in and found that his liver numbers were extreamly high. It turns out that he has Hepatitis. It looks like it is Hepatitis A.. Please pray for my Mom and Dad and family as we go through this! Thank you for all your prayers! -Emma