Monday, June 1, 2009

In Uganda..loving every minute of it.

Hey Everyone and my mommy!! I am in Uganda..And I could not be happier!! We've been working with African hearts in Ssenge Village!! Such as planting 1000 trees to form a fence around the boys home to protect them. Also building a kitchen but not just any kitchen its also going to be big enough to use as a guest house and a storage center...We are building it rather fast. :) we have to move about 5,000 bricks although we have not finished moving them so we form a long line and toss them to one another i've got a few cuts and scrapes but im alright..We have 4 people on the team sick out of 19..Please be praying for them as the devil is not very happy about the work we are doing here...please keep us in your prayers!
Much love from Uganda..Now off to the debrief goodnight
p.s. I miss you guys mommy tell isaiah lib and elizabeth and Elijah I love them!!


Lori said...

Sounds like you guys are making tons of progress!! That is super.

Poo poo on that dumb devil!! He can't stop the work God has called you to do! Keep workin' hard!

I'm praying with fervor!! Keep the updates comin'...I love to hear how it's going there. :)

Tiffany said...

Oh! Those beautiful faces just steal your heart, don't they? It is so great to hear your words & get an update. We love you tons! Thank you for all you are doing. Give the rest of the team hugs from the Blegers, & know that we are praying!

That Quiz Kid said...

:}} I am 100% without a doubt positive that you couldn't be any happier than you are now lol I am so happy you are loving it there! Really can't wait to hear all that has happened and is yet to happen while you have been there. The kitchen and tree project sounds awesome. Glad only a couple scraps is the worst that has happened maybe when you get back I can massage them with lotion if it wouldn't hurt:}} Want to ask so many questions and stuff but I will just do it in an email,

Please know I am praying for you and the whole team, and I miss you so very very much!

Your Joshua:}

Melissa said...

I'm glad to hear you are enjoying your time in Uganda. I'll be praying for your health and safety!
God bless!

That Quiz Kid said...

Hey Emmie:}}

You texted me last night to check your blog which I did then at 4am here but this is still the latest post not sure if it just didn't work right or what. I still will gladly post any pictures if you want to send them through email cause I know your mom said doing pictures with the connection there can be hard. So really anything I can do for you (besides praying) at all let me know. I ended up actually having a dream with you in it last night it was super weird remind me to tell you about it when you get back (I don't think I could forget this one lol) it was about Ry and Abby renewing their vows so ya.

Hope everything is going fan-freakin-tastically well. Keeping you in my prayers throughout the day. Stay safe please.

Your in my thoughts constantly and I miss YOU very very very extremely much,

~Your Joshi~