Saturday, June 6, 2009

praising Jesus through it all!!

I'm in Uganda still I went to see the kids at open door orphanage, And I had an 11 year old little girl named Dennah sing to us."you are my strength when i am weak you are my treasure that i seek you are my all in all"....sooo precious she was praising god through everything in her life...lost her parents at age see her praise god through it all..yippee jesus!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Emma is Sick

This is Linny, Emma's mom. The team has been battling sickness and now Emma has it too. It involves lots of throwing up, etc. Please pray for them. It is one thing to be really sick at home. It is entirely different to be throwing up, etc., in another country.

There are been amazing things that have been happening, but I will let Emma share those. For now, please pray for complete healing and that the remainder of the team will stay well and protected and safe. The power of God's people praying together is amazing - so thank you so much!!

Monday, June 1, 2009

In Uganda..loving every minute of it.

Hey Everyone and my mommy!! I am in Uganda..And I could not be happier!! We've been working with African hearts in Ssenge Village!! Such as planting 1000 trees to form a fence around the boys home to protect them. Also building a kitchen but not just any kitchen its also going to be big enough to use as a guest house and a storage center...We are building it rather fast. :) we have to move about 5,000 bricks although we have not finished moving them so we form a long line and toss them to one another i've got a few cuts and scrapes but im alright..We have 4 people on the team sick out of 19..Please be praying for them as the devil is not very happy about the work we are doing here...please keep us in your prayers!
Much love from Uganda..Now off to the debrief goodnight
p.s. I miss you guys mommy tell isaiah lib and elizabeth and Elijah I love them!!