Sunday, May 3, 2009

And the countdown begins

Hello my bloggy friends....I'm so excited to say I will be heading to Uganda in just 24 very short days!! Im just sooo stoked!! I miss my kids (yes, to me they're mine haha.) :) I can't wait to hug them and see little baby Martha who's grown so much :) and Baby Francis who has cerebral palsy and I fell in love with on my first trip!! And little Nancy in Ssenge village and baby Joshua. And sweet Hilda. Ohh soooo many kids I can't even name them all!! I just cant wait to hug them... :) I'm also looking forward to helping lead this team and see what amazing things God has in store for us this time and what awesome things He will have "us" do..Well I've not posted pics from my latest trip there so here is some from December 2008 :) ohh man I'm sooo looking forward to hugging "my" kid's :) here is some of them :)
*there is only pics of me with Martha and then by herself in her crib the last time when I said goodbye :( i'm looking forward to hugging her again and seeing her smile..Also Hilda by herself :))


Chris and Sarah said...

I am so excited for you Emma! I will be praying for you trip. I bet someday you will have a boatload of kiddos too.

Lexie said...

oh...those eyes!! i can't stand how sad she looks looking back at your from her crib. sweet sweet baby!!

i can not WAIT to see you with Martha again! he he he...i am so giddy...I GET TO SEE YOU WITH MARTHA. IN PERSON.

like i have said a zillion times...i am counting down the days till we can go and hug all those precious kiddos!! they make my heart swell in these photos...i have a feeling i will fall head over hills in love with them as you have!!

love you, sister!

Acceptance with Joy said...

My name is Vanessa and I'm 15.
I've really enjoyed reading your blog! The program you are doing sounds great! I love seeing all the pictures of the kids, it makes me miss all the little ones in Tanzania that I have come to love so much during my trips there. My grandmother has an orphan program down there. I got back from my last trip to help and visit in December. We took a large group and stayed there two months. I can really identify with your burden for those kid!I'm working on a blog about my last trip. I'm actually doing it with another friend that went with me. The address is:
Hmmm...I think you've inspired me to get working on that.
Well, I hope you have a great trip!
God Bless your work!

Anonymous said...

My name is Vanessa I'm 15.I've really been inspired reading your blog! I love Africa too! Mostly the kids! Seeing all the pictures on your blog makes me miss them all! My grandmother has an orphan program in Tanzania that I had the chance to go to twice. Last time we brought a group of about 30 people to help build an orphan home and do VBS classes extra. I was there for two months, and I returned in December. I hope I can go back soon!Oh! If you want to read a blog that a friend and i are doing about our trip go to
Have a great trip!
God Bless!

Jennifer T. said...

Hi Emma,

I found your blog through your mom's blog. Thank you for your tender heart for the children - what a blessing you are and will be to the NATIONS!!

Serving His Kids Together,
Jennifer in Bolivia =)

PS--My youngest sister, adopted from Russia, has your name (did you hear it's the newest top girls name in the US?!)

Becky Ryder said...

Hi Emma! Just found your blog and am encouraged by you! We are adopting Lucus (he's 3) from Sanyu Babies Home. When your kissing Martha, can you give Lucus a kiss for us? God bless!

Holly said...

I love your post! How blessed you are to have the opportunities you have to go! I pray that some of our family and I will be able to travel with you sometime. :) So, can we still send more beanie babies? I already sent a box, but I mentioned it to my son's Sunday School teacher, and she asked those kids to bring some in too, so she has some more.