Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Just a random hmmmm.....

So i'm sick and i've been super bored!! So I was just laying here on the couch thinking when I came up with this super clever idea!!! What if I sold my Strep and Scarlet Fever as a weight loss program??!! Only $10 bucks a cough!!! Anyone interested??!!


Lori said...

Girlfriend, I guarantee there are people out there who would gladly pay you your asking price for any chance at losing weight! Even if it meant suffering through a horrible bout with strep throat!

Great idea...hmmmm, I see great fortune in your future with entrepreneurial ideas like that!

Too funny!

Sailor and Co said...

You are too cute!!!

trina said...

Emma, hope you feel better soon. That is no fun. BTW, your new blog is cute. We thought the other one was cute,too...with the red shoes..way too cute.

That Quiz Kid said...

Ya um sadly it is true people would pay alot more than ten bucks for a cough even if there was no guarantee of losing any weight weight! Haha sad world we live in.... anyways feel better soon as always praying for you,


Lexie said...

Hey Emma!!
I sent you an email yesterday about me going to Uganda with y'all! Can't wait to talk to you some more and get to know you!!