Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Picture that will make you smile : )

Some pictures from my trip that just make me smile and miss my friends in Uganda-

- Giggling the day away!-
-Excited to see a camera-
-Me playing with baby Elijah-


Margaret said...

Hi Emma,
This is another one of Jessica's sisters- Meg. My sister Katie told me about your blog and encouraged me to check it out... I'm glad I did. You sound like you're doing a great work for Christ. I also wanted to let you know that I put a box in the mail on Monday for you. It's not too much... but we really appreciate your willingness to take it to Jess. God bless you on your trip! In Christ, Meg

That Quiz Kid said...

I love the one of Thomas his smile is awesome, and I can see why you want to go back so badly lucky for you it's not going to be to much longer of a wait!


Melissa said...

Hi Emma, i just started reading your mom's blog and saw that you have one too. So i came to say hi and introduce myself.
I grew up in Senegal West African and have had a dream my whole life to start an orphanage in Africa. I'm excited to see that's your dream too! I'll be following along and look forward to seeing where the Lord leads you.
I love your pictures of Uganda. The children are precious.