Thursday, September 18, 2008

Missing my friends in Ssenge!!

Today my dad got an email....While we were in Uganda we worked on the "New" house for African Hearts. While there I did painting,cleaning,sanding and sweeping! To get house that we had worked on in the village Senge now has boys living in it. There is 5 so far!! From ages 5-12. These boys had been living on the streets!! I am so happy these little boys are thriving! How exciting I will get to see them in hopefully about 8 weeks!! I can't wait to go meet them!! Well everytime I think of Ssenge I think of all my dear friends there! Oh how much I miss them all...I thought I would show you all a day in Ssenge Enjoy- -School in Ssenge! -
-One of my many new friends-
-The children watching the service through the church cracks-
-Hanging out with the kids I love them-

- Watching church from the outside!!-
Oh I miss those little ones....

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