Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Picture that will make you smile : )

Some pictures from my trip that just make me smile and miss my friends in Uganda-

- Giggling the day away!-
-Excited to see a camera-
-Me playing with baby Elijah-

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Missing my friends in Ssenge!!

Today my dad got an email....While we were in Uganda we worked on the "New" house for African Hearts. While there I did painting,cleaning,sanding and sweeping! To get house that we had worked on in the village Senge now has boys living in it. There is 5 so far!! From ages 5-12. These boys had been living on the streets!! I am so happy these little boys are thriving! How exciting I will get to see them in hopefully about 8 weeks!! I can't wait to go meet them!! Well everytime I think of Ssenge I think of all my dear friends there! Oh how much I miss them all...I thought I would show you all a day in Ssenge Enjoy- -School in Ssenge! -
-One of my many new friends-
-The children watching the service through the church cracks-
-Hanging out with the kids I love them-

- Watching church from the outside!!-
Oh I miss those little ones....

Thursday, September 4, 2008

An Open Door Family Home Orphanage...

While I was in Uganda I visited a few orphanages. One of them was "An Open Door Family Home". I visited it with my Dad and some people we met at Namirembe hotel. We got to talking to them and they invited us to visit the Orphanage with them. Who as we found out are actually working for Compassion International in Austrailia! How cool is that??! Before visiting it my Dad and me ran up and stuffed as many beany babies in our backpacks as possible.It was a few miles from the hotel so we decided we would walk. It was way out in the country through little narrow dirt roads and tiny villages.When we arrived we met the director of the orphanage who's name is Bethan,She is from Europe and came and had visited and eventually fell in love with a Ugandian man. They are now happily married and running this orphanage. They are truly an amazing couple...The kids greeted us with smiling faces and hands streched out they couldn't wait to hug us and play with us. We loved on the kids for awhile and then the "Momma's" (workers) gathered the kids together so we could present them a gift. The kids all lined up on the stairs and couldn't wait to see what we had got for them. I thought you would like to see some pictures of these kids who truly grabbed my heart...