Monday, August 18, 2008

African Hearts & Tonny

Some of the Boys at African Hearts and me (above)

The other day my Dad received a letter from one of the Guy's who runs African Hearts,whos name is Tonny...While in Uganda my Dad mentored and did devotions with the young leaders of African hearts. Tonny had grown up on the streets along with the other leaders, when Tonny was about 15 he helped start it. They decided they wanted to make a difference for Uganda street boys. They started helping them and now they have over 60 boys who are part of African Hearts which takes the boys off the streets and teach the boys a brass instrument and the love of God. Where they can later use it as an income. They boys proform and go to school , the police now even part the street for these boys who where once nothing..Tonny is one of the great leaders who is making a difference there. When doing devotions with the leaders they were talking about the heavenly father and so he (my dad) asked who had a Dad? where they all replied they didn't have one. My dad then said he would be there Dad from now on,the leaders all broke out with excitment they now had a DAD!! They now all call him Dad.. Tonny even calls me his sister! = ) which I love.

Here is the letter that he sent my Dad just the other day-

This is your son Tonny from Uganda,am so blessed to have this chance to write to you it has been along time you left.i have always missed you but the books have not always given me time to say hullo to my Dad however i have always been praying for you as my Dad i can't forget the Pizza we always had lessons and your caring heart.i wish i could stay with you for a longer time i could learn alot from you,i now want to grow up and be like you,you teachings reduced my desire to be a lawyer and created a strong desire to be a Pastor too. so I am seriously praying for that.Dad how is Emma?also i am happy to let you know that i have enough money to come to U.S.A for a visit and may tour.i have completed my Diplomma and have a one year holiday so i hope to work on this month and maybe i travel in the coming month.will you give me an invitation?i will write more next time hope to hear from you.

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