Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Uganda at last!! = )

Finally I am here!! We (my dad and I) arrived today!! i already love it so very much!! Its so awesome! Abbey one of the founders of African Hearts picked us up from the airport in Entebee it was about a 40 minute drive! After that we checked into the Hostle and than went by African Hearts most of the boy's were still in school so we decided to go to dinner in the city. It was a lot of fun it was fun to see ladies walked down the street with Banana's on there head!! The culture is so interesting. When dinner was over we went back to African Hearts where we then delivered the instruments to the boys it was so fun to see there expressions they were jumping up and down smiling and clapping it was pricless!! = ) They thanked me for bringing them!! It was so awesome thank you to everyone who helped me collect them!! I can't wait to get to know the boy's at african hearts!! I will try to write again soon internet is very hard to find here!
well goodnight its time for bed : )

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