Sunday, July 6, 2008

People who have nothing do!!

Africa oh how I love it!! Today was quiet a day!! We went to a church in a village not far from here!! It was a long and bumpy ride. The people welcomed us and we sat in the front and they even served us water during the service! American churches don't even do that and the people who have nothing do it!! Strange how that works huh??! My Dad spoke at the church and then he invited at the end of the service people who wanted to be prayed over to come and we would pray for them. People rushed to the altar they could not get there fast enough!! I prayed for quiet a lot of people. People who wanted healing for stomachs and headaches and people who wanted Wisdom also I prayed for one little boy with Meleria. It was sorta hard to think this child might die.......Anyways after the message and the worship.Me and the interns taught the kids the "Mockerana" and "The Hokey pokey" we also taught them "I don't want to be a chicken" so fun!! The kids all gave us high fives and chased after the car when we left!! Later after some rest we went back to the baby house. And of course I held Norman who I found out his name was not Norman it was Frances. And yes its a boy. He actually has ether Cyrebal Palsey or something close to it I can't remember what they said it was...Please keep this little guy in your prayers as he is very sick and the other night they thought he would not live through the night..Thanks for reading~Em

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