Monday, July 21, 2008

One little girls dream!!

About 8 years ago God gave a little 6 year old girl a dream....That little girl was me! Not just a dream not like a dream while I was sleeping more like a desire to go to Africa. I begane praying and praying some more for Africa and the orphans...I longed to go there and make a difference well finally after praying and praying my Dad after some convincing and lots of praying not to mention the pictures of little African orphans I left around the house = ) he made the reservations and told me we were going on June 30th to Kampala Uganda. I was enthralled! I couldn't wait. I then started the fund raising and God provide in about a month. I then started collecting instruments for African hearts and then stuffed animals and suckers.Uganda was such an amazing experience......And I miss it so very much I can't stand it!!! I can't wait to go back and I hope and pray that I might be able to go back within about 3 months and then 3 months after that and so on but I do know that for sure my Dad and I will be taking a team June 2009! Well I am looking forward to then!! ~Em

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