Saturday, July 5, 2008

~Norman~ urgent please pray!!

hey me here in Uganda!! YA BABY!!
today I went with another group they had all old people except for Jolyn who is a senor i mean just graduated she was way nice. Well I went with them to the feeding program and so what happens is the kids are street kids or they are takin care of by there aunt or uncul and they can not afford to feed them so they come to this where they get two meals and they hang out all day. I made so many friends they all love to see pictures of themself's so they all pose for them then when i click 'review' the kids all came running to see. Well after that Dad picked me up and we went back to the babies house. I held Willam who was set on the floor crying (he is very little still like a few months) and so the worker was yelling (although not madly) for someone to play with him. So I skooped him up and held him for 1 second and he had stopped crying!! So i loved on him for a long time. Then I handed him to dad and he held him while i went inside and found that there where still like 6 babies in the cribs. A few where crying so i talked to them and they stopped then i went over to this one crib where little Norman laid. I picked him up he was screaming and loved on him one of the workers told me that Norman had only come the day before. Appearently he is the one that they found at the hospital and I had seen them take him into the orphanage. It brakes my heart. Then another lady told me that the night before they didn't think he would make it through the night. He is ALL bones.Pray that God heals him! he is the sweetest little thing!!! He has my heart already!!!! <3 Well I love you!!
~Em or "joy' as the boys at African hearts have decided to call me.
by the way 'Emmanuel' is a popular name here so they always ask are u a boy? lol its funny but anyways lol...And also they call me 'auntie" at some orphanages. Its so amazing here I love it so much!

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