Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Last day in Sang Uganda...

Hello again! I miss the Sang people already! Today was our last day in there village of Sang. Thats the Village's name by the way! We rode Boda Boda's out to the village. Well when we got there I started to not feel good which i did actually pass out. Long story.. I ended up taking medicine and then felt fine the rest of the day...Well finally while listening to my Dad speak at the conference I was sitting on the baby and mom mat (made out of braided palm leaves) and so i decided to hand the kids and mom's on that mat suckers they were very excited! Well then I got my camera and bag of suckers ready and headed outside of the church! I handed out suckers to all the kids who where around. I then walked over to the ladies who had made the meal for all the pastor's and I handed out more suckers of course. They all were very happy!! = ) then when I started to take pictures they all wanted a picture with me!! it was very fun!! So now I have a bunch of pictures with the Sang ladies. They are so sweet and did I mention really great cook's?!! I then after that I started to go back to the church and one of the ladies called me and said "my mother wants to talk to you"! I was thrilled of course! And so I walked over to there very small little house that only has a blanket for the door! I talked to them for a while and made lots of new friends one who's name was "Betty" I ended up giving her my address she wants to talk to me (write me) and someday come to America and visit!! Well a little later, I handed out stuffed animals to all the kids!! They were so happy!! I loved handing them out and am so thankful God provided them all for those kids!! After that we said our goodbyes which was yet sad but happy at the sametime! They wanted to know when I would be back which made me so excited : )
We of course finished the day with the babies home which I adore so very much! There the sweetest little guys!!
Well now it is very late and I am anxious to talk to my family on Skype!! Praise God for Skype!
Goodnight yours Em


kkwbeach said...

Em- I love following your adventures! It is wonderful to see how God's seeds in your heart are bearing fruit in Africa! Know that you are missed, loved and being prayed for.

Kim Beach

llluhrs said...

Em -
My name is Anna and I have a daughter, Vivian who is 10 years old. She has felt called to work with children in orphanages so your work has inspired her! We are praying for you, and are greatly encouraged by your strong faith at such an early age. God is amazing through you. We know you by way of your mom's friend, Lori Luhrs!
Psalm 139
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