Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Dear Friends, I love it here so much but I will be so glad to see my family when I get home! I miss them a lot! Well well I thought you would like to hear a little story after all we all love stories right?!

Well the other day there was not enough room in the "Matatoo" (bus) so me and my mom's dear friend Celesta and I decided we wanted to ride a "Boda Boda" (motorcycle) my Dad was afraid of them so with a little convincing he said I could go. So while ridding on the Boda Boda (it fits 2 people plus the driver) and so Celesta got to talking to him so he asked our names. And so of course she told him hers and so then he asked mine and so I said "Emma" and so then he ask's " Are you a boy?" Ha ha so of course I said "I am not a boy"ha ha...appearently Emmanuel is a very common name for a boy so they all go by Emma. I have been asked that several time's so I am now going by EmmaLee here there is no more Emma ha ha I don't want to be asked that again...HA ha..
~Yours truly not a boy..

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OneLuckyGirl said...

ooooooooooooooo thats so funny :) you dont even look like a boy