Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Goodbyes and 2 days of travel

The last days in Uganda where so much fun we hung out at "Sanyu Babies home" and just hugged and loved on the babies. They where all so sweet! Seriously if u bent down to hold one of them they all where like a swarm of flies on a hot summer day it was insane. I loved it though. Every moment I spent there was each special. The hardest was on the 14 the last day we went down to Sanyu early that morning and went to the bible study they do for the toddlers where they sing and here some of the bible.After that it was time to say goodbye one of the little girl's who got attached to me when I bent down to say goodbye she looked at me and looked so mad and sad and ran out of the room and didn't look back it truly broke my heart.....
Later in the day we went to MAF (mission aviation fellowship) and saw the planes and hung out with Cheryl and Larry Stritzel one of the missionary couples (who's husband works for MAF) they are actually my dentist's brother and his wife such an amazing couple! We then set off for the airport and got home early this morning so 2 days of traveling. It was so long we only slept like 6 hours of 52 hours if that makes sense!! Well welll I am so very tired after not sleeping much these last few days so Goodnight!

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Megan said...

Hey Emma! It has been good reading all your updates about Uganda. It IS really hard to leave, isn't it? I had a really hard time when we left Ghana as well.

I laughed at your post about being called a boy because Benjie's brother's name is Emmanuel and people call him Emma for short as well. Benjie sometimes got your name confused when we first moved here too! Ha is all good! Welcome home to you and your dad!