Monday, July 7, 2008

Conference and a day better then i thought it would be!

Today was the pastors conference, it went well. I played with the kids in the village and loved on them. There such sweet kids. Even though I don't speak Luganda they all seam to love me!! We got back at about 4 here and we quick got ready and went back to the baby house!! I love them all so much. Francis is doing well he is still sick and seams very stiff..Cause of the cyrebel palsey. Sweet little guy. I love Elijah he likes me a lot!! ha ha he actually bit me..It was funny.Today he reached out his arms to me when he was with Dad!! It made me feel good!! Well i love you. Call us as soon as you can!! LOts of love! ~Em AKA monzogu (white person)..

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Mom Of Many said...

I am so thrilled for you!! I keep praying for you and DAddy. I also cannot wait to see your pictures. How wonderful the Lord is to allow you this privilege and to connect you guys so well with all that is going on in Kampala. I love you and I always miss you!