Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Boda Boda

Oh how I love Africa!! Today we rode boda boda's into the village!! Its so fun!! Its a motorcycle by the way!! This time I worked at the new house they are putting for African Hearts.The village is so very poor. Lots of kids there. A lot who don't go to school cause its to expensive... Tonight we talked with Chris and Tim who work for Compassion International about maybe setting it up there so that those kids could get sponsored then they would be able to go to school!! Which would be so amazing!! Well its late I will write more tomorrow goodnight!
~Monzugu (white person)

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Seth & Maria Waters said...

Emma, YOU ROCK! I am so excited and encouraged to read these blogs and hear about what God is doing through you. God has even bigger and better stuff in store for you and the thousands of people your life will touch in the future. I feel like the word of God for you is that this a time to Dream big! Because we have a big God! You go little sister! Way to change the world!

-Seth :)