Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Picture that will make you smile : )

Some pictures from my trip that just make me smile and miss my friends in Uganda-

- Giggling the day away!-
-Excited to see a camera-
-Me playing with baby Elijah-

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Missing my friends in Ssenge!!

Today my dad got an email....While we were in Uganda we worked on the "New" house for African Hearts. While there I did painting,cleaning,sanding and sweeping! To get house that we had worked on in the village Senge now has boys living in it. There is 5 so far!! From ages 5-12. These boys had been living on the streets!! I am so happy these little boys are thriving! How exciting I will get to see them in hopefully about 8 weeks!! I can't wait to go meet them!! Well everytime I think of Ssenge I think of all my dear friends there! Oh how much I miss them all...I thought I would show you all a day in Ssenge Enjoy- -School in Ssenge! -
-One of my many new friends-
-The children watching the service through the church cracks-
-Hanging out with the kids I love them-

- Watching church from the outside!!-
Oh I miss those little ones....

Thursday, September 4, 2008

An Open Door Family Home Orphanage...

While I was in Uganda I visited a few orphanages. One of them was "An Open Door Family Home". I visited it with my Dad and some people we met at Namirembe hotel. We got to talking to them and they invited us to visit the Orphanage with them. Who as we found out are actually working for Compassion International in Austrailia! How cool is that??! Before visiting it my Dad and me ran up and stuffed as many beany babies in our backpacks as possible.It was a few miles from the hotel so we decided we would walk. It was way out in the country through little narrow dirt roads and tiny villages.When we arrived we met the director of the orphanage who's name is Bethan,She is from Europe and came and had visited and eventually fell in love with a Ugandian man. They are now happily married and running this orphanage. They are truly an amazing couple...The kids greeted us with smiling faces and hands streched out they couldn't wait to hug us and play with us. We loved on the kids for awhile and then the "Momma's" (workers) gathered the kids together so we could present them a gift. The kids all lined up on the stairs and couldn't wait to see what we had got for them. I thought you would like to see some pictures of these kids who truly grabbed my heart...

Monday, August 18, 2008

African Hearts & Tonny

Some of the Boys at African Hearts and me (above)

The other day my Dad received a letter from one of the Guy's who runs African Hearts,whos name is Tonny...While in Uganda my Dad mentored and did devotions with the young leaders of African hearts. Tonny had grown up on the streets along with the other leaders, when Tonny was about 15 he helped start it. They decided they wanted to make a difference for Uganda street boys. They started helping them and now they have over 60 boys who are part of African Hearts which takes the boys off the streets and teach the boys a brass instrument and the love of God. Where they can later use it as an income. They boys proform and go to school , the police now even part the street for these boys who where once nothing..Tonny is one of the great leaders who is making a difference there. When doing devotions with the leaders they were talking about the heavenly father and so he (my dad) asked who had a Dad? where they all replied they didn't have one. My dad then said he would be there Dad from now on,the leaders all broke out with excitment they now had a DAD!! They now all call him Dad.. Tonny even calls me his sister! = ) which I love.

Here is the letter that he sent my Dad just the other day-

This is your son Tonny from Uganda,am so blessed to have this chance to write to you it has been along time you left.i have always missed you but the books have not always given me time to say hullo to my Dad however i have always been praying for you as my Dad i can't forget the Pizza we always had lessons and your caring heart.i wish i could stay with you for a longer time i could learn alot from you,i now want to grow up and be like you,you teachings reduced my desire to be a lawyer and created a strong desire to be a Pastor too. so I am seriously praying for that.Dad how is Emma?also i am happy to let you know that i have enough money to come to U.S.A for a visit and may tour.i have completed my Diplomma and have a one year holiday so i hope to work on this month and maybe i travel in the coming month.will you give me an invitation?i will write more next time hope to hear from you.

Monday, July 21, 2008


The Facts:

Over 143 million children have lost one or both parents.

1.5 million children live in public are in Central and Eastern Europe alone

By 2010, the number of children orphaned by AIDS globally is expected to exceed 25 million.

A glimpse into what I did : )

I am sorry, it has taken me so long to put pictures up my computer is broken so I have been having to use my mom's. And that's why I couldn't download the pictures!! I will try to download them and post them as soon as I can but for now here's a glimpse of what I did = ) Enjoy ~Em

Above is me at an open door orphanage I love those kids

One little girls dream!!

About 8 years ago God gave a little 6 year old girl a dream....That little girl was me! Not just a dream not like a dream while I was sleeping more like a desire to go to Africa. I begane praying and praying some more for Africa and the orphans...I longed to go there and make a difference well finally after praying and praying my Dad after some convincing and lots of praying not to mention the pictures of little African orphans I left around the house = ) he made the reservations and told me we were going on June 30th to Kampala Uganda. I was enthralled! I couldn't wait. I then started the fund raising and God provide in about a month. I then started collecting instruments for African hearts and then stuffed animals and suckers.Uganda was such an amazing experience......And I miss it so very much I can't stand it!!! I can't wait to go back and I hope and pray that I might be able to go back within about 3 months and then 3 months after that and so on but I do know that for sure my Dad and I will be taking a team June 2009! Well I am looking forward to then!! ~Em

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Goodbyes and 2 days of travel

The last days in Uganda where so much fun we hung out at "Sanyu Babies home" and just hugged and loved on the babies. They where all so sweet! Seriously if u bent down to hold one of them they all where like a swarm of flies on a hot summer day it was insane. I loved it though. Every moment I spent there was each special. The hardest was on the 14 the last day we went down to Sanyu early that morning and went to the bible study they do for the toddlers where they sing and here some of the bible.After that it was time to say goodbye one of the little girl's who got attached to me when I bent down to say goodbye she looked at me and looked so mad and sad and ran out of the room and didn't look back it truly broke my heart.....
Later in the day we went to MAF (mission aviation fellowship) and saw the planes and hung out with Cheryl and Larry Stritzel one of the missionary couples (who's husband works for MAF) they are actually my dentist's brother and his wife such an amazing couple! We then set off for the airport and got home early this morning so 2 days of traveling. It was so long we only slept like 6 hours of 52 hours if that makes sense!! Well welll I am so very tired after not sleeping much these last few days so Goodnight!

Friday, July 11, 2008

My time here is almost over = (

Hey Again from Kampala! The last 2 days have been busy... Its sad to think my time here is almost over : ( ....Of course I will be back again as fast as I can! I love it here so much and know God has called me here yet I don't know for sure that it's Uganda but I do know it's Africa in general! I love everything here I mean whats not to love?! I love there Culture and the people the orphans and the food (most of it anyways...ha ha..) and yet so much more... I can't wait till I get home and can see my family and see what I can do for them and make a difference. Its hard to know where to start the need is so very great....................
Oh I love Ugandaa!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Last day in Sang Uganda...

Hello again! I miss the Sang people already! Today was our last day in there village of Sang. Thats the Village's name by the way! We rode Boda Boda's out to the village. Well when we got there I started to not feel good which i did actually pass out. Long story.. I ended up taking medicine and then felt fine the rest of the day...Well finally while listening to my Dad speak at the conference I was sitting on the baby and mom mat (made out of braided palm leaves) and so i decided to hand the kids and mom's on that mat suckers they were very excited! Well then I got my camera and bag of suckers ready and headed outside of the church! I handed out suckers to all the kids who where around. I then walked over to the ladies who had made the meal for all the pastor's and I handed out more suckers of course. They all were very happy!! = ) then when I started to take pictures they all wanted a picture with me!! it was very fun!! So now I have a bunch of pictures with the Sang ladies. They are so sweet and did I mention really great cook's?!! I then after that I started to go back to the church and one of the ladies called me and said "my mother wants to talk to you"! I was thrilled of course! And so I walked over to there very small little house that only has a blanket for the door! I talked to them for a while and made lots of new friends one who's name was "Betty" I ended up giving her my address she wants to talk to me (write me) and someday come to America and visit!! Well a little later, I handed out stuffed animals to all the kids!! They were so happy!! I loved handing them out and am so thankful God provided them all for those kids!! After that we said our goodbyes which was yet sad but happy at the sametime! They wanted to know when I would be back which made me so excited : )
We of course finished the day with the babies home which I adore so very much! There the sweetest little guys!!
Well now it is very late and I am anxious to talk to my family on Skype!! Praise God for Skype!
Goodnight yours Em


Dear Friends, I love it here so much but I will be so glad to see my family when I get home! I miss them a lot! Well well I thought you would like to hear a little story after all we all love stories right?!

Well the other day there was not enough room in the "Matatoo" (bus) so me and my mom's dear friend Celesta and I decided we wanted to ride a "Boda Boda" (motorcycle) my Dad was afraid of them so with a little convincing he said I could go. So while ridding on the Boda Boda (it fits 2 people plus the driver) and so Celesta got to talking to him so he asked our names. And so of course she told him hers and so then he asked mine and so I said "Emma" and so then he ask's " Are you a boy?" Ha ha so of course I said "I am not a boy"ha ha...appearently Emmanuel is a very common name for a boy so they all go by Emma. I have been asked that several time's so I am now going by EmmaLee here there is no more Emma ha ha I don't want to be asked that again...HA ha..
~Yours truly not a boy..

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Boda Boda

Oh how I love Africa!! Today we rode boda boda's into the village!! Its so fun!! Its a motorcycle by the way!! This time I worked at the new house they are putting for African Hearts.The village is so very poor. Lots of kids there. A lot who don't go to school cause its to expensive... Tonight we talked with Chris and Tim who work for Compassion International about maybe setting it up there so that those kids could get sponsored then they would be able to go to school!! Which would be so amazing!! Well its late I will write more tomorrow goodnight!
~Monzugu (white person)

Monday, July 7, 2008

Conference and a day better then i thought it would be!

Today was the pastors conference, it went well. I played with the kids in the village and loved on them. There such sweet kids. Even though I don't speak Luganda they all seam to love me!! We got back at about 4 here and we quick got ready and went back to the baby house!! I love them all so much. Francis is doing well he is still sick and seams very stiff..Cause of the cyrebel palsey. Sweet little guy. I love Elijah he likes me a lot!! ha ha he actually bit me..It was funny.Today he reached out his arms to me when he was with Dad!! It made me feel good!! Well i love you. Call us as soon as you can!! LOts of love! ~Em AKA monzogu (white person)..

Sunday, July 6, 2008

People who have nothing do!!

Africa oh how I love it!! Today was quiet a day!! We went to a church in a village not far from here!! It was a long and bumpy ride. The people welcomed us and we sat in the front and they even served us water during the service! American churches don't even do that and the people who have nothing do it!! Strange how that works huh??! My Dad spoke at the church and then he invited at the end of the service people who wanted to be prayed over to come and we would pray for them. People rushed to the altar they could not get there fast enough!! I prayed for quiet a lot of people. People who wanted healing for stomachs and headaches and people who wanted Wisdom also I prayed for one little boy with Meleria. It was sorta hard to think this child might die.......Anyways after the message and the worship.Me and the interns taught the kids the "Mockerana" and "The Hokey pokey" we also taught them "I don't want to be a chicken" so fun!! The kids all gave us high fives and chased after the car when we left!! Later after some rest we went back to the baby house. And of course I held Norman who I found out his name was not Norman it was Frances. And yes its a boy. He actually has ether Cyrebal Palsey or something close to it I can't remember what they said it was...Please keep this little guy in your prayers as he is very sick and the other night they thought he would not live through the night..Thanks for reading~Em

Saturday, July 5, 2008

~Norman~ urgent please pray!!

hey me here in Uganda!! YA BABY!!
today I went with another group they had all old people except for Jolyn who is a senor i mean just graduated she was way nice. Well I went with them to the feeding program and so what happens is the kids are street kids or they are takin care of by there aunt or uncul and they can not afford to feed them so they come to this where they get two meals and they hang out all day. I made so many friends they all love to see pictures of themself's so they all pose for them then when i click 'review' the kids all came running to see. Well after that Dad picked me up and we went back to the babies house. I held Willam who was set on the floor crying (he is very little still like a few months) and so the worker was yelling (although not madly) for someone to play with him. So I skooped him up and held him for 1 second and he had stopped crying!! So i loved on him for a long time. Then I handed him to dad and he held him while i went inside and found that there where still like 6 babies in the cribs. A few where crying so i talked to them and they stopped then i went over to this one crib where little Norman laid. I picked him up he was screaming and loved on him one of the workers told me that Norman had only come the day before. Appearently he is the one that they found at the hospital and I had seen them take him into the orphanage. It brakes my heart. Then another lady told me that the night before they didn't think he would make it through the night. He is ALL bones.Pray that God heals him! he is the sweetest little thing!!! He has my heart already!!!! <3 Well I love you!!
~Em or "joy' as the boys at African hearts have decided to call me.
by the way 'Emmanuel' is a popular name here so they always ask are u a boy? lol its funny but anyways lol...And also they call me 'auntie" at some orphanages. Its so amazing here I love it so much!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Uganda at last!! = )

Finally I am here!! We (my dad and I) arrived today!! i already love it so very much!! Its so awesome! Abbey one of the founders of African Hearts picked us up from the airport in Entebee it was about a 40 minute drive! After that we checked into the Hostle and than went by African Hearts most of the boy's were still in school so we decided to go to dinner in the city. It was a lot of fun it was fun to see ladies walked down the street with Banana's on there head!! The culture is so interesting. When dinner was over we went back to African Hearts where we then delivered the instruments to the boys it was so fun to see there expressions they were jumping up and down smiling and clapping it was pricless!! = ) They thanked me for bringing them!! It was so awesome thank you to everyone who helped me collect them!! I can't wait to get to know the boy's at african hearts!! I will try to write again soon internet is very hard to find here!
well goodnight its time for bed : )

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Hmmmm...So I have been thinking the time its actually finally almost here. After day dreaming about it for years I am almost there. I feel God has called me to Africa since I was little and now I am almost there..I am like where I hope to someday be has a full time missionary...Its amazing. My words can not even express my excitment for this...I am thrilled beyond words..

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Hey Everyone, I am selling necklaces to help raise money for my trip!! They are made in Africa by the orphans! They are made out of magazines that the kids collected,then rolled up in to beads! The short ones are $20.00 & the long ones are $25.00! Heres some pictures of them-

Are they not beautiful??!!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

My website

Hey Everyone,I have started this blog to keep you updated on my life and things I am doing for the orphans it is also a lot more personnal then my website- ONAMISSION.homestead.com.
God Bless