Friday, March 27, 2015


{Taken just after Elisha came home in July - just 8 months ago!}

It has been just two weeks since our precious Elisha met Jesus.

Our hearts still ache and we miss him everyday.

I never would have imagined that just two weeks ago he would leave us so soon.

Several months ago when he was really sick and his body was so weak,

I made him promise he'd fight hard and attend our Wedding.

True to his word he followed it through.

He attended our wedding with a sweet bow tie to match!

Then just a few days later,

while we were on our honeymoon we received the news that 
our sweet boy had passed away.

So much grief and many tears where shed.

The ache coming home has been so hard...

Seeing his empty crib has left such a terrible ache.

There is nothing like the pain you feel losing a child.

So much raw pain and grief.

Our Elisha was such a precious little guy.

He was always looking to be held, cuddled or talked to.

I'd find him and hold him in the evenings as we took milk before bed.

He'd smile really big as I would feed him through his feeding tube.

So full of life and love.

At night when I would go down to check just one more time usually just before midnight,

I'd walk the rooms, check temps, rub foreheads, fix blankets.

Kiss little ones goodnight one more time,

I'd always kiss Elisha and tell the nannies and night nurse to keep an eye on Elisha.

Because every night Macey and I would worry about him.

Now that your gone, sweet Elisha, 
I struggle when I go down to say goodnight at midnight..

The Nannies and Nurses even told me they missed me telling 
them to keep a close eye on you.

Oh my precious boy how we miss you so...

Elisha's smile would always brighten my day without fail!

In the mornings his smile would greet me,
And as I'd kiss our kiddo's goodnight,

He'd be there to say goodnight with a smile.

Even when he would be having high fevers and admitted in the hospital back in 
November his smile wouldn't leave.

Finally after two nights admitted he was released and came home.

In early January Elisha headed to Kenya for a new PEG feeding tube.

We lovingly called him our World traveler!! 

Elisha fought long and he fought hard,
his little body had struggled so long.

Each day was a daily struggle for life, yet he fought on and he was so brave.

{One of my favourite pictures of him with his nanny Eva and my husband holding him
 while we were at the zoo.}

Our Elisha loved life and he loved people so well.

{Taken of my Dad and Elisha at the Zoo day back in January!}

Oh my precious Elisha,

We miss you more then words can say..

Our hearts ache for you and we long to hold you in our arms just one more time.

Now your dancing with Jesus and I can only imagine what it's like,

To see you run like you so longed to do.

I hope you're jumping and leaping on those golden streets.

Hug Arthur and Jason for me okay?!

Oh my sweet boy what a sight it will be to see,
 to have my three boys together again.

I miss you my precious Elisha more then words can say.

I love you my precious boy and  I can't wait to hold you again..

All my love,

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Claire is Resettled! {Part 2}

{Claire in the light blue - being reunited with her sister!}

We searched and searched.

At the end of the day that the article was in the newspaper,

I felt so discouraged.

Our sweet Claire kept asking for her mama

but we had no answers.

So we prayed and we prayed.

Then one day my cell phone rang...

I answered on the first ring,

only to hear

the most amazing and beautiful thing had happened -

Claire's Mama had been found!!

What joy and excitement filled the air!

Our sweet Claire had been missing for over one month.

Her mama had feared the worst after

searching endlessly and many, many, many sleepless nights.

Where oh where could she be?

But our loving God had watched over Claire and protected her every step

enabling her to eventually be found and 

brought to The Gem Foundation where

He allowed us to watch over and protect, 

until her mama could find her! 


The Joy on the day of Resettlement is something I wish you all could have experienced.

Claire radiates love and joy!!

Upon arrival, 

her mama threw her arms around her little girl and held her like a baby.

She smiled and she laughed.

She had prayed and asked God to bring Claire back home,

and He did.

For my Jesus is faithful 100%!!!

Claire and her family...

 she is so loved and treasured!!

We feel so honored and humbled that God would use our home,

to bring Claire back to her family.

Because my sweet friends,

every child deserves a family.

We love you Claire!!

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

She Once Was Lost...

This is truly a story only God could write...


Just three weeks ago our home grew again..

Authorities finding that a child had been abandoned
 immediately made contact with our home.

Just hours passed and soon she would arrive.

We would find that,

Her name is 


8 years old and a little spitfire.

She is sassy and she is sweet.

We'd also find that she has epilepsy and some brain trauma.

She would be counting and then forget what she was doing.

We soon realised she also has some memory loss.

As the days would pass,

Claire would share how she wanted to go home.

Yet we had no idea where home could be.

We prayerfully placed an ad in the newspaper,

looking for anyone who may have known her.

But to our great sadness no one responded.


Little did we know that across the city,

a mother lay awake...

Wondering where her little girl could be?


Flash back to December 31st, 2014

New Years Eve.

A little village bustling with life.

People excitedly preparing for the celebration.

Mama goes to the bathroom and comes back to find her little girl missing.

"Clarie..Claire..Claire..She screams.."

Yet there is no reply...

She begins franticly searching and finds nothing.

Hours pass...

She continues searching...

Then days pass....

She continues searching...

Then weeks pass....

She continues searching...

She wonders what could have happened to her little girl.

Memories would flicker through her mind...

She searched and searched.

But as she continued she found no reply....

Her heart ached for her little girl....

Where oh' where could she be?

She began to fear the worst..

So she prayed...

Then the most amazing thing happened.


{Stay tuned for part two.}