Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Three Years of Gems!

What a joyful three years it has been since we opened our doors and what a celebration we had!

The day was filled with a feast of local food, praise and worship, singing and dancing, face painting, bouncy castles for the Gems, cake and even an award ceremony for some of our staff who have gone above and beyond!

It's hard to imagine that it has been three years since 
our doors opened on July 10, 2014.
Our once empty arms were suddenly brimming full 
as we welcomed home 11 little ones the very first day! 
Literally overnight cribs filled, wheelchairs raced through the grass, 
crawling matches began and Gem laughter filled the rooms!
What a joy!

As we celebrated we also honored some of our most astounding faithful staff members!

Our team of cooks:  Harriet, Jennifer and Mackline each received a certification of appreciation for their dedicated love and service to our Gems, as well as a gift certificate to take their families out for a meal at KFC!!  They were all shocked and overjoyed! 

Our security guards have been with us the longest -even before our home opened!  They each received chickens to take home to their families!  Our guards were so excited!  Culturally a chicken is a very big honor to receive!  

{The security guards smiling with their chickens!}

Unbeknownst to me, my sweet husband surprised me with a bouquet of flowers!
Gosh I love that husband of mine!

We’ve seen His glory displayed and celebrated time after time!

{Bethany singing a solo during the celebration!}

Over the years we’ve rejoiced, we’ve celebrated and 
we’ve grieved with the loss of some of our Gems.

One thing remains the same - God has been so faithful through it all!

We started out small with just a staff of 9 people who were learning.

 {Jane}                                                  {An intern & 
                                                       Mercy enjoying the bouncy castle!}

Over the years we’ve changed shape and grown and grown.
Now we are a staff of 47 people who are passionate about caring for the special needs children of Uganda.

We also celebrated our latest Gem birthdays...singing to the kids and then they cut the cake!

Over the years we have now had the joy of caring for over 39 children!


If you were to tell me that years ago I would never have imagined 
what God would do through our ministry!
Only God!
People have asked me how we do what we do.
Honestly all I can say is that it's all God!

Some of our children have only been in our home a short season and four have been reunited with family.

Praise God!

Highlights of The Gem Foundation's last THREE years -

Partnering with Watoto Childcare ministries to care for special needs orphans in 2014.

{Jesse and Nanny Susan!}

        Cooking over 33,852 meals in just one year - our cooks are truly amazing. I always tease them that I cook just one meal and my kitchen is never as clean as the Gem kitchen! Seriously!!  Our cooks are amazing!

Over the years we've had five precious Gems learn to walk.

Thirty-three children have had access to special needs education 
Thanks to our two amazing teachers!

{Nanny Eva and Mattie - enjoying the party!}

We have five children learning to type 
- thanks to our motivational coach.

Over 10,950+ loads of laundry since we opened our doors and that’s not even counting when we didn't have power and had to wash by hand!  We are so thankful for our caretakers who wash laundry with such diligence and care.

We’ve seen little ones come in severally malnourished weighing 
only 6 pounds at 9 years old. 
We have truly seen miracles take place as healing appears in their eyes, heart and body.

Oh what a joy it has been to see the Love of
 God transform and renew each Gems life. 

We can't wait to see all that God will accomplish in our 4th year and 
all the years that will come.

Most of our staff, volunteers and children! - 
One of our Gems is currently still in the hospital undergoing brain surgery!

God has been so faithful through it all.
All glory to God for great things He has done!

“At the Gem foundation 
we envision a world where no one with 
special needs is left behind!” 

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

The Gems Spill The Beans!!!

It looks like Nanny Rhonah and Collins have a secret!!!

In fact it looks like Opio and Nanny Susan are in on it too!

Come on Nanny Eva and Josiah - Tell us!  What's going on?  

All this excitement could only mean one thing!

The Gems have been hard at work in helping to officially launch

"Will You Be My Gem-Friend?"

I mean, who can resist their sweet faces? 

And they're not kidding, they're excited too, because the Gems have been really busy working 
on thank you gifts (more on that later) for all their Gem-Friends!

Let's be honest, the Gem's needs are huge with round-the-clock nursing care, nannies, 
therapists, doctors, medicines, etc.  

  Yet we know that God moves huge on people's hearts
when we pray.  We've been praying so it's time to share the need!! 

Our goal is to have all of our Gems have enough Gem-Friends by the New Year!

One thing is for sure, The Gem Foundation loves to celebrate, and we can't think of a better way to
celebrate the New Year than knowing all the Gems are fully sponsored! 

How can you help?

1.  Become a Gem-Friend by sponsoring one (or more) of the Gems!
Each Gem-Friend will receive a gift from their Gem along with quarterly updates.

2.  Pray with us that God will raise a whole host of Gem-Friends who love our Gems and want to help!

3.  Share the need with your friends! Social media, small groups, family gatherings, any way you can think of! 

4.  We're even going to be opening the Gem for a "tour" in the days ahead...

Interested in becoming a Gem-Friend?

Have questions?

Write us:

You can also meet our precious Gems by going to our website by clicking the text below.

Stay tuned!!

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Celebrating TWO Years of Gems

On July 10th we gathered together to Celebrate all that God has done here at The Gem Foundation.

Celebrating TWO years of Gems!

Two years ago we opened our doors and our hearts as we welcomed home 12 precious Gems through our partner organization Watoto Childcare Ministries.

In just a matter of 24 hours we went from being an empty building to being a fully running 24 hour care home for 12 special needs kiddos. Watoto was gracious and spent many days and nights training us on night feedings and schedules. We laughed as Caleb and Collin would have crawling races on the mats in the living room.

{Hamza one of our newest gems and his nanny Carol}

Our Staff family began to grow as well through the months and many more staff would join the team.

{We had delicious local food buffet! What's a party without some delicious Matooke?}

Wheelchair rides and races would fill the sunny, summer days as we laughed and rejoiced in all that God has been doing.

{Josh pushed Johnie and Justin in their awesome wheelchair swing that Josh helped design!}

Over the coming two years we would have the incredible joy of loving and caring for a total of 34 children! Five now live in Heaven: Arthur, Jason, Elisha, John Moe, Samuel - safe in the arms of Jesus.  And our sweet Claire whom we had the joy of reuniting with her family.

We jumped and jumped! I mean a party wouldn't be a party without a jumping castle right?!

Over the two years God has been so faithful to us. He has given us favor every where we go. With the Ugandan government, officials, and this year He has even given us favor with the diplomats! 

We have had the joy of having the Ambassador of Egypt as well as his wife, his family and his officials visit.  We have also had the Ambassador's wives from Cameroon, Ethiopia, and even Germany come to meet The Gems!!  

{Joan our social worker sang a song dedicated to all the Gems and special needs children in Uganda! She is amazing and we are so thankful to have her as part of our team!}

I would like to take today to proclaim God's faithfulness and His deep love for the special needs children of Uganda. All glory to God!

{Nanny Paul and Joey!}

{Our nanny Liz wrote a song about The Gem Foundation and sang it with her friends for us!
So proud of you Liz and so thankful to have you as part of our team!}

We rejoice and celebrate in all that God has done here in The Gem Foundation and all that He is going to do in the coming years! All glory to God!

We danced and danced celebrating all that God had done! Such a joyful celebration it was!

Isaiah 61: 1 - 11

“All who see the Gem Foundation, 
will acknowledge that they are a people that the Lord has blessed!” 
Look at the joy Opio has!! He is thriving - thanks to many donors!! 

Psalm 33:1 - 22 

says “Sing Joyfully to the Lord”

All glory to God and all the great things He has done!!

We can't wait to see all that God will do in the coming years!