Thursday, October 16, 2014


{Our last picture together - taken just minutes before you met Jesus}

It has been one week since I held you in my arms for the last time.

Your beautiful eyes would stare into mine...

My heart aches for you and my arms long for you.

I've never known such pain and sorrow.

The grief that comes with losing a child is painfully real and raw.

I never would have imagined your time here on earth would be so short.

I dreamed of seeing you healed and learning to communicate with us.

I dreamed of you riding in your new wheelchair that was ordered and on its way.

I planned your birthday party for today -

 never knowing that you'd pass away just one week before your 7th birthday party.

I planned the cake and had the party hats ready -

anxious to celebrate you my sweet boy.

I imagined your sweet smile as we gave you your brand new backpack

 filled with new clothes picked out just for you.

You and I had a special bond and I lovingly called you "my JJ".

You'd cry and then I'd pick you up and all would be okay with the World.

You returned from the hospital after being admitted for two days.

They gave you the all clear and released you.

I was so excited to have you back home with us.

Because without you the house felt simply empty.

Your oxygen levels remained low -

 so you continued on oxygen being monitored by the nurse.

Because it was Staff Meeting we brought you in the meeting with us.

You received extra cuddles and were smothered with love.

So thankful my sweet boy am I for that day.

After the meeting finished I felt drawn to hold you close again.

Whispering sweet words to you and how much I truly loved you.

We listened to worship music as I sang quietly to you as you cuddled in my arms.

As the song started singing about heaven your breathing became labored.

I called the nurse inside and then my sweet boy all too soon you were gone.

We immediately began with CPR and continued as we drove to the hospital.

They ran inside as I quickly found a parking spot.

As I ran into the emergency room,

I knew you were gone.

The doctors shared with me how sorry they were.

Yet grief filled the air.

We grieved for the loss of you in our lives.

It was a bittersweet moment.

For so long of your life you struggled for every breath.

You were a fighter -

Fierce, Brave and Strong.

Because of your Scoliosis you would always have difficulty breathing.

Your lungs and heart worked so very hard.

But in that moment that you met Jesus,

it must have been the most beautiful thing.

I imagine what it felt like for you to breathe sweet heavenly air.

Finding your lungs healed and whole.

Your body no longer being affected by Cerebral Palsy.

I imagine you jumping and dancing for joy.

As Jesus picked you up his arms..

I imagine you and precious baby Arthur seeing each other again.

My eyes fill with tears at the thought that you my boys are together again.

Oh my boys, how much sweeter heaven is.

Dance my sweet boys dance!

Although my heart aches and the tears continue to drip

I imagine what its like for my boys to no longer struggle

and that brings me such joy.

But for all left behind we grieve, we miss you and we remember you.

Because you my sweet JJ are worth every heart ache,

every tear and every painful breath.

Loving you was worth it all and even more.

Your life was valuable.

You were so loved and we are so thankful you were part of our 'Gem' family.

Once your a 'Gem' you're always a 'Gem'..

And you my sweet boy will never be forgotten.

I love you my sweet JJ.

Always and Forever.

Hold baby Arthur for me okay?...


Thursday, October 9, 2014

Jason Meets Jesus

Tonight our hearts are heavy.

Our precious Jason passed away this evening. 

Our hearts are aching with the loss of our sweet boy! 

Would you please pray for our staff and 'gems'? 

We grieve,we ache and we cling to Christ knowing that he is the ultimate healer

 and our sweet boy no longer struggles to breathe. 

He was a fighter and we are so thankful we had the opportunity to love him. 

He was part of our family and we will miss him dearly. 

Tonight the tears won't stop coming as we grieve the loss of him in our lives.

 He had a special place in my heart.

My sweet JJ.

 I will love you forever and miss you always.

Hold baby Arthur for me ok?


Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Meet our New Gem: Nehemiah

When we received this most exciting phone call - our hearts spilled over..

Much to our surprise and excitement our gem number 15 would be making his debut!

I'm so excited to introduce you to our precious 


We had the incredible opportunity to give him a name and with much 
prayer chose his name.

His name means "God comforts"...our sweet boy has had so much pain, 
but he is filled with so much joy and love. 

His face lights up and he lovingly calls the nannies "mama"-  
it melts our hearts every single time.

He is a little love bug always clapping, singing, banging on the drums or playing football.

It's been so exciting to see him grow and settle into life here.

Our Nehemiah has epilepsy and cerebral palsy....

But he never lets any of that stop him!

It is our prayer that our Nehemiah will be able to become more independent and

 that he will be ble to learn to communicate with us. He has recently been fit for a 

walker and we are so excited to watch him heal and take his first steps!

If you are interested in helping our Gem


Donate here 


send us an email at:

Subject :  Nehemiah