Monday, September 15, 2014

Introducing our 'Gem' Anita

I'm so very excited to introduce you to our 

"Pinkest News Yet!"

When we received the phone call with the news -

we literally jumped up and down with joy!

Our excitement and joy could not be contained with our very own princess 
soon to arrive!

Oh sweet friends it is with great honor

 that I introduce you to our very own 'gem' of  a princess!

Meet our 'Gem':


Isn't she absolutely beautiful?!

Our princess loves to smile and has the sweetest laugh you will ever hear!

She fits just perfectly in with her 'brothers' and

she also adores her Nannies!

It's been so precious to see her adjust to life in our home.

She loves to explore the outdoors and has an adventurous heart,

although she loves to be cuddled with every chance she gets!

Anita has developmental delays and epilepsy -

yet our princess never lets that stop her!

She loves music and enjoys being sung to.

She also enjoys playing with her toys!

We are so excited to see her become more independent as 
she continues to learn life skills.

It is our prayer that Anita will begin to communicate with us.

If your interested in sponsoring our sweet princess,


Send us an email at:

Subject :  Anita'

Friday, September 5, 2014


My sweet baby boy.

I never thought I would be writing this post.

I had so many dreams for your future. 

Pictures I wanted to take, stories I wanted to share with you. 

To see you get your first tooth.

To watch you take your first step.

To chase you while you ran. 

So many moments I longed for, yet I will never get to see.

My heart is aching...I've  never known such sorrow and grief.

I'm choosing to remember and cherish every precious moment that I had with you.

I don't know why your life was so short.

For one so small you left an impact the size of the universe on each of our hearts.

Every person you came in contact with fell in love with you.

You are now in the arms of Jesus and I can't think of a better place to be.

You no longer struggle to breathe but now my sweet boy you breathe heavenly air.

I long for the day I will be able to see you face to face.

Although my earthly body hurts without you, 

I rejoice that someday my sweet boy I'll carry you 

again and 

Heaven is so much sweeter knowing you're there.

From the moment I held you in my arms my life was better just because I had you in it.

We shared a special bond - I'd lovingly called you "my best accessory". 

The nannies would tease me when they'd hand me "my baby"...

Never far from my arms or my reach you loved to be carried in my sling 


I loved having you there.

When the day would finish I'd go and bring you in my arms where we'd cuddle 

and I'd feed you your night bottle of milk.

Many nights after an exhausting day we'd fall asleep on the couch only to 

have someone snap a picture to tease me later. 

Now those very pictures bring me to tears.

Together you and I would live stream my home church in Phoenix.

                        It's those little moments that make me miss you the most.

Missing you makes it hard to breathe.

Oh my sweet boy I loved you so very much.

Every fiber of my being hurts without you.
          You even attended my little brothers wedding as we skyped in the middle of the night.

                                    You, my baby boy, were never far from my side.

Just two weeks ago we painted your foot prints together.

Little did I know it would be the last art project we'd share.

You would make me laugh with your expression when you felt the paint on your sweet baby feet.

Oh my sweet baby boy how I long to hold you just one more time.

To kiss those precious baby cheeks and stare into your most beautiful brown eyes.

You my love were perfect in every way.

I am so humbled that God would allow me to carry you for two precious months.

I will cherish the memories and moments that I held you.

You showed me how to love deeply.

For that I am eternally grateful.

I pray that my heart doesn't grow calloused to love, but instead loves deeply and fiercely.

Because my sweet Arthur you are worth every painful breath, every sob and every tear.

You are worth it all and even more.

My sweet baby boy I will love you forever and always.

I will always carry you in my heart...

Until I hold you again.

all my love.


"As one whom his mother comforts, 
so I will comfort you..."
Isaiah 66:13a

Thank you for all your love and prayers.  
We can feel each and every one.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Our Heart Aches: Arthur

There are no words.

This morning our precious Arthur passed away,

He was welcomed into the arms of Jesus.

We are aching and we are grieving the loss of our sweet boy.

I will write more when I am able....

We are grieving deeply.

It is incredible how Arthur's life had such a powerful impact.

Please keep us in your prayers as we bear this incredible sorrow.

Oh sweet boy you were so so loved.